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TreezPay: Reconciliation SOPs
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How do I view my TreezPay payment activity?


Navigate to Reports -> Sales -> Payments

Select the desired date range, you can also export a detailed report as a CSV file by clicking on the three vertical dots in the top right corner.

By default, we excluded “Processor Fees” & “Processor Tips from the “Gross Receipts Paid” calculation. If you would like to include “Processor Fees & Tips” in Gross Receipts, you will need to enable it in Configurations.

Navigate to Configuration -> Config Page -> Point of Sale -> User Interface and Reporting

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Integrated PIN Debit or ACH:

  • Navigate to the processor portal > “Transactions” report

  • Filter by “custom” date range

  • Select “POS” and choose date

    • This ensures the transactions are grouped by POS/terminal time rather than gateway server time

  • Export report to CSV

  • Sum original amount

  • Ensure this amount reflects the “Debit” amount recorded in Treez for the same processing period

  • Sum the after amount

  • Subtract the difference between original and after amount

  • This should be the total due in tips and fees (if fees are recorded here and not in Treez)

  • Sum the Tip column

  • Sum the Fee column

  • Back out tip and fee amounts and your totals will match

Cashless ATM

The workflow is the same as outlined above. Determine where your fees are recorded.

Please Note: If fees are enabled on CATM then you need to back out fees so that you can see the reports do align.

Non-Integrated Pin Debt:

Treez cannot recommend SOPs for this as we do not have insight into the Processors or their workflows as they are not integrated into Treez.

More Tips:

Deposit times:

  • Funds from ACH or EFT payments usually become available in 3 to 5 business days

  • Funds for collecting debit card transactions are usually processed within 24 hours of the completion of a transaction.

  • Funds for cashless ATM transactions usually appear within 3 days

Using the “Verify Sale” button:

  • For Integrated Pin Debt and Cashless ATM, click if an error is returned.

  • For ACH transactions, if there is NO response, click this button.

  • For Non-Integrated PIN Debit, the Verify Sale button does not apply as we have no connection to these processors.

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