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Getting Started with Cashless ATM (CATM)
Getting Started with Cashless ATM (CATM)
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The Cashless ATM (CATM) integration offers a streamlined checkout experience for TreezPay customers. The integration calculates and renders the cash back amount directly on the POS screen enabling the POS user to easily disburse funds without having to refer back to the terminal.

To get started:

  • Turn on your card terminal and connect to the network

  • Navigate to Configuration > Config Page > Point of Sale > Payment Types

  • Enable Integrated ATM

  • Scroll down and select your provider from the Cashless ATM option

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  • Navigate to Configuration > Config Page >Hardware

  • From the location menu click into Integrated ATM and enter the Register Id and Auth Code

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  • Click test to confirm unit is connected to Treez.

  • Navigate to Retail> SellTreez POS and confirm your location is connected to the integrated unit.

  • Add items to the cart and select checkout

  • On the checkout screen, select “Charge integrated ATM”

  • In the confirmation box, the amount will reflect the rounded-up value as well as the change the customer will be owed upon completion of payment

  • Select “Accept” to push the payment to the customer

  • Upon successful completion the employee will be prompted to provide the change due back to the customer

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