SellTreez Product Update 47.0.0
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Reports > Payment Reports

  • Ability for Treez to log and report on ACH captured tips and fees. Includes updates to payment reports to surface fees and tips as columns in the payment summary. In addition, this feature includes a new configuration flag in "User Interface and Reporting" which, if enabled, includes tips and fees in "gross receipts" calculations in payment summary and payment reports.

Configurations > Config Page > Label (New)

  • Customer Type labels includes new dynamic fields for 'Caregiver Name' and 'Caregiver License'.

Product > Product Management

  • Added additional validation that all the required fields are populated on a product before allowing it to be assigned to any inventory.

Configurations > Config Page > Delivery Management

  • Delivery which includes the 'Vehicles' card is where users can configure their delivery vehicles, which will also be used in the upcoming CA Delivery workflow.


Product > Discount Management > Discounts

  • Resolved an issue in the 'Schedule' condition where the 'All Day' checkbox was not saving.

Reports > Sales > Demographics

  • CSV export, when filtered by state, is working as expected.

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