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SellTreez Product Update 39.0.0
Written by Treez Admin
Updated over a week ago




  • Automatic employee and debit transaction association. Transacting employee number will now populate in debit processor portal reports under tag label "clerk_id." This will allow for easier tip tracking removing need time consuming manual workarounds.

Retail > SellTreez POS > Checkout

  • Enhanced checkout screen UI. Redesign to accommodate addition of custom tender types.

Retail > SellTreez POS & Customer Management > Checkout - AZ

  • Enhanced and streamlined the checkout process for Adult Use PL's for AZ clients.

Inventory > Transfers (Non-Metrc) Print Manifest

  • Updates including correcting the grams unit of measure (when applicable), adding 'Total Flower Weight', 'Net Weight', and 'Unit Cost'.


Inventory > Purchasing > Invoice

  • Navigating from the invoice to the distributor detail and then back to the invoice is working as expected.

  • Resolved an issue with the Treez Invoice ID displaying appended to the external invoice ID.

  • The 'Account Name' is now visible when making a payment on an invoice from a Cash Handling account. The 'Transaction Type' is clarified with 'Credit' now showing as 'Credit Note' and 'Cash' as 'Cash Handling'.

Retail > eCommerce

  • Resolves an issue where after changing a user type (AU/MED), the original type of inventory continued to be shown on the online menu to the user.

Inventory > Inventory Management > Destroy

Resolved an issue where the UI was incorrectly stating "destroys" would not be sent to Metrc. Destroy actions are confirmed and reporting successfully to Metrc.

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