SellTreez Product Update 35.0.0
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New customer intake app flow to handle existing customers who signed up originally without a DL


  • Scan DL

  • No customer found by DL

  • Display all customers with matching name

  • Employee selects correct customer and merges customer with newly scanned DL


Retail > Cart > Checkout: New button to initiate "verify sale"

  • Ability to manually check for payment status against processor in event device thread is terminated early or automatic status polling is inconclusive.

Configuration > Config Page > Hardware > Location

  • Dispensaries can now enable or disable in store ACH QR codes on their pole display.

Configuration > Config Page > POS

  • Enhancement to deter employee fraud through abandoning sales. New configurations that if enabled require manager pin to abandon ticket and delete ticket lines.

Configuration > Config Page > Integrations > Webhooks

  • Enhancement that allows webhooks to be deactivated via UI and API. Previously could only hard delete. This allows it to be deactivated and fixed without completely erasing it.

Inventory > Compliance Management > Metrc Control

  • Adjusting several error messages and tooltips to be more concise and easily digestible for clients.

Customer > Customer Management

  • More options to clear the queue and new colors to distinguish profiles in edit or sign-up mode.


Inventory > Transfers

  • Resolved an issue with stuck open transfers when transporter license was not valid.

Configurations > Config Page > Label (New)

  • Resolves an issue on the new label maker where the dynamic field 'Amount + UoM' did not print.

Retail > Fulfillment > Fulfillment Dashboard

  • Update to prevent a ticket from being abandoned in fulfillment while a card transaction is being processed.

Inventory > Purchasing > Invoices

  • Metrc packages can no longer be assigned to non-cannabis products.

Reports > Sales

  • Resolved a rounding display issue in the Total Weight field.


The Customer Event Log has been enabled on all remaining customer instances. You can see the Event Log by navigating to Customer > Customer Management and clicking on a customer and scrolling to the bottom of the customer profile.

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