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SellTreez Product Update 33.0.0
SellTreez Product Update 33.0.0
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Reports > Daily Sales & Reports > Cash Handling > Daily

  • Enhancement to align daily sales and cash handling reports and added messaging alerting the customer when a shift occurs over several day span.

Configuration > Config Page > POS

  • Enhancement to deter employee fraud through abandoning sales. New configurations that if enabled, require manager pin to abandon ticket and delete ticket lines.

  • Fraud prevention enhancement. Added "Unpaid" at top of receipt if paid amount = 0.

Configurations > Config Page > Inventory

  • A new toggle is available to hide or show out of stock batches in Inventory Control. As a default this toggle is disabled so out of stock batches will not display in Inventory Control. If enabled, out of stock batches will display when searching by package ID.

Configurations > Config Page > Customer Management (Desktop only)

  • New setting to require customer referral source during new customer signup.

Inventory > Purchasing > Invoices

  • Metrc packages can no longer be assigned to non-cannabis products.


Multiple ST Modules: Compliance Management * ST POS Recent Receipt Purchase Date * POS Adjustment Ticket Report

  • Timestamp displaying accurate TZ (non-PT clients) across the entire application.

Configuration> Config page > Taxes > Post-Tax

  • UI display of accurate discount calculation working as expected.

Cash > Cash Handling > Daily Totals

  • Automatically adjust shift actuals when an integrated payment type is adjusted.

Inventory > Location Management

  • Resolved an error with transferring inventory from the parent location when a child location is created.

Retail > Pole Display

  • Updated payment verbiage on pole display if in-store ach is enabled. Changed from "Pay with ACH" to "Pay with Mobile."

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