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SellTreez Product Update 20.0.0
SellTreez Product Update 20.0.0
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Retail > POS

  • Improvements have been made to the error logging on back-end services.

Purchase Limits >MICHIGAN ONLY

  • Updated the purchase limits logic for the correct purchase limit allotment when a customer switches from MED to REC and REC to MED.

Purchase Limits > COLORADO ONLY

  • Removed the Topical category from the purchase limit framework. Per regulation, Topicals do not count towards a customer's Cannabis purchase limits.



  • Performance upgrades have been made to the Treez authentication service.


  • CATM - Fixed an issue that prevented abandonment of sales with fees.

Cash > Cash Handling > Daily Totals

  • The date picker displays fully on the daily totals page.

Sell Treez > APIs >

Ticket API

  • Resolved an issue where orders were being created without a customer assigned via the Ticket API.

  • Resolved an issue where the POS discount titles were not making it into reporting. This caused confusion regarding where discounts were coming from in Treez. Customers could not tell if the ecommerce application is adding discounts or someone at the POS was adding discounts.

Product > Pricing Management

  • Resolved an issue with validation in Tier Pricing.


  • Resolved an issue where automatic delivery fees were causing discrepancies.

Inventory > Purchasing

  • Resolved a performance issue that arose on the purchasing page.

Retail > eCommerce

  • Product tags now correctly display and filter within eCommerce.

  • When attempting to reorder a product that is out of stock, the correct error message now displays.

  • Resolved an issue where text verification is still appearing in Treez Ecommerce.

Retail > POS

  • Resolved an issue where charge integrated ATM buttons were displaying as active when no hardware location was selected.

  • Fixed a rare issue preventing bulk quantities of inventory from being added to the POS.

  • Implemented logic to round totals within the POS checkout on NexGo to the nearest 5 dollars.

  • Resolved an issue where blank searches for customer within the POS were creating performance issues.

Customer > Customer Management

  • DL Expiration date is set as a required field.

Configuration > User Management

  • User names are a required field.

  • User names must be unique.

Inventory > Location Management

  • Location names must now be unique.

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