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Troubleshooting Swifter Payment Codes
Troubleshooting Swifter Payment Codes
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When a merchant receives one of these codes, Treez recommends the following actions:

  • NSF - insufficient: (NSF), or "insufficient funds” when it lacks the money needed to cover transactions.

  • R08 - Payment Stopped - The payer has contacted their financial institution to place a stop on a particular payment.

To resolve this, contact the customer to work out the issues associated with the payment stop. The transaction can be retried through the Swifter portal to collect owed amount.

  • R01 - Insufficient Funds - The available balance of the payer’s account (at the time of payment) is not sufficient to cover the amount of the payment.

If you receive and ACH Code R01, contact the customer and request they deposit the appropriate amount of funds to resolve this return code.

  • R10 – Originator is Not Known to Receiver, or Originator is Not Authorized to Debit Receiver’s Account: The receiver does not have a business relationship with the originator or has not authorized the originator to debit their account.

If you receive an ACH return code R10, stop future recurring payments and contact the customer about the failed transaction. Consult the customer as to why the payment did not go through. Once you have consulted the customer you may retry the transaction in the swifter portal.

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