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Swifter and Treez eCommerce
Swifter and Treez eCommerce
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Swifter ACH powered by Treez allows you to add online pre-payments to your list of payment options, so you can increase conversions. Swifter allows customers to quickly connect their bank (one-time behavior) to pay for their product and offers an enhanced customer experience through:

  • Increased security through 2FA

  • Increased visibility into cart and totals during payment

  • Ability to tip

  • Increased support and quicker support turnaround


  • Merchant must already be approved for an account through Swifter/TreezPay

  • Once approved, merchant must setup and have access to their processor portal


Create/fetch Swifter clientId and secret key

  • Login to Swifter ACH portal

  • Navigate to “Developer” > “API Keys”

  • Toggle desired environment for key generation on/off (top right)

  • Select “Create Key”

  • Copy “secret key” (pro tip: save somewhere secure for future reference)


Enable ACH in Treez

Navigate to Config Page > POS > Payment Types

  • Toggle “ACH” = On (top of page)

ACH provider setup:

  • Scroll down to the ACH sub-section on Payment Types page

  • Select “Swifter” from the ACH provider dropdown

  • Add “ClientId” obtained from processor portal

  • Add “Secret API Key” obtained from the processor portal

  • Toggle “ecommerce” on

Important: ensure you are pointing to desired environment via “Environment Type” dropdown. This should be the corresponding environment that was selected for key generation in Swifter portal.

  • Hit “Save”


Navigate to ST > Retail > eCommerce


After a TreezCommerce ACH payment has been successfully completed, the order will appear in ST > Retail > Fulfillment as “Authorized”.

From here, a fulfillment specialist will process the order by moving it throughout the fulfillment lanes.

When completing and moving the order to either “Out for Delivery” or “Completed”, the TreezPay service will automatically call out to the processor to create the charge.

If successful, the order payment status will convert from “Authorized” to “Paid.”

Important to note – up until this point, an order can be adjusted or abandoned completely without creating a customer charge.

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