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Swifter Configuration Guide
Swifter Configuration Guide
Written by Treez Admin
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Swifter Configuration Guide:


  • Merchant must already be approved for an account through Swifter/TreezPay

  • Once approved, merchant must setup and have access to their processor portal


Create/fetch Swifter clientId and secret key

    • Login to Swifter ACH portal

    • Navigate to “Developer” > “API Keys”

    • Toggle desired environment for key generation on/off (top right)

    • Select “Create Key”

    • Copy “secret key” (pro tip: save somewhere secure for future reference)


Enable ACH in Treez:

  • Navigate to Config Page > POS > Payment Types

  • Toggle “ACH” = On (top of page)

ACH provider setup:

  • Scroll down to ACH sub-section on Payment Types page

  • Select “Swifter” from ACH provider dropdown

  • Add “ClientId” obtained from processor portal

  • Add “Secret API Key” obtained from processor portal

  • Toggle “In-Store ACH” on

  • Important: ensure you are pointing to desired environment via “Environment Type” dropdown

  • This should be the corresponding environment that was selected for key generation in Swifter portal

  • Hit “Save”


Enable In-Store ACH at hardware location

  • Navigate to Config Page > hardware

  • Select dropdown of desired location(s)

  • From dropdown toggle “In-store ACH” = On

  • Hit “Save”


Initiating the Payment Guide:

Unlike the other integrated payment options, the budtender does not have to select or push an In-Store ACH payment upon checkout. By turning on this feature, the TreezPay service will programmatically create a dynamic ACH payment QR that is surfaced on the Merchant’s Pole Display on every checkout.

Launch Pole Display Flow:

  • Sign into ST and cash drawer

  • Navigate to ST > Retail > Pole Display (*right click*) > Select “open in separate tab”

    • **Note** There are now 2 pole display options available from the Nav Menu: “Pole Display” & “Pole Display Light”

    • Pole Display has a scrolling product menu; whereas Pole Display Light does not

  • Upon entering new pole display screen; select the corresponding cash drawer that is logged into ST

  • Move Pole Display tab to front facing display (or replicate these steps on your front facing display)


Checkout Flow:

  • Ensure the cash drawer selected on the cart screen corresponds with the Pole Display (previous step)

  • Ensure the hardware/print location is correct and enabled with in-store ach (previous step)

  • Ensure a customer is associated with order

  • Add item(s) to cart; select “checkout”

  • Toggle to Pole Display; Ensure QR generation


Customer Payment Flow:

You can view the flow here:

  • Scan QR via mobile device

  • This does require the customer to have data or internet connectivity

  • Navigate to the Swifter customer payment screen

  • IF a new customer

    • Verify phone through 2FA (sms)

    • Select “Link bank account”

    • Customer enters into Plaid Screen and selects bank

    • Customer inputs online banking credentials

      • Note 2FA is required by some institutions

    • Select finish

  • Page should navigate back to Swifter select bank screen

  • Customer selects bank

  • Selects tip (optional)

  • Select “Pay”

Please Note: As the customer is completing this process there will be a buffer icon and a message searching for ACH payment message at the bottom of the SellTreez checkout screen.

Complete & Capture Guide:

After the payment has been successfully authorized, the message on the bottom right of the checkout screen will change to ***Payment Authorized***

  • The button below ACH Authorized will now indicate “Complete & Capture”

  • In order to create an ACH charge, the budtender will then select “Complete & Capture”

Please Note: If the budtender does not submit “Complete & Capture” a charge will not occur, and the customer’s account will not be debited.

  • After submitting “Complete & Capture” TreezPay service will:

  • Call out to ACH providers API

  • Run another balance check on the amount

  • IF sufficient funds; then

    • Complete sale & print receipt (sale will be recorded under “completed” fulfillment stage)


IF insufficient funds; then an error message will populate that prompts the budtender to either;

  • Try the capture again or

  • Try another payment method (This will effectively clear the ACH sale as if it didn't happen and allow the budtender to re-run the payment under another method.)

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