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Swifter FAQs
Written by Treez Admin
Updated over a week ago

Should I link my bank account every time I make a purchase?

No, we securely save your information so you can quickly and safely make a payment from the checking account you’ve already linked with us. You will get an email confirmation and a receipt after every order has been placed and processed.

What if I want to de-link my bank account and add another one?

No problem - you can easily deauthorize or de-link the bank account you are currently using. You can then add another bank account if you’d like to continue using Swifter. You can add multiple bank accounts to Swifter as well.

Is my banking information secure?

Yes, Swifter does not have access to your login details or your password. We use a highly trusted, market-leading, third-party service provider who securely links Swifter to your bank account without revealing your bank account login information to anyone.

I'm getting an error telling me that my transaction has timed out.

If you do not complete your order within a certain period of time, we take steps at our end to prevent malicious usage of your information. As a result, you may see a time-out error screen. Do not worry if you see this screen - no money will be deducted from your bank. Please try placing the order again!

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