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How Do I Enable Tipping on CATM?
How Do I Enable Tipping on CATM?
Written by Treez Admin
Updated over a week ago
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Effective 2/21/2024, Integrated ATM terminals will now have the ability to accept tips. To enable tipping please contact your processor.

With this update, whether you offer tipping or not, the transaction amount will no longer be rounded before the transaction in Treez.

Tipping and rounding will now take place directly on the terminal. Treez will still display any change owed after the transaction is finalized.

The Process for Completing a Sale with TreezPay Cashless ATM is still very much the same, however the round will take place on the terminal.

In the below example, a customer is purchasing $6.70 worth of products after tax. This is the amount that will be sent to the terminal.

In this example the customer tipped $1, this amount is deducted from the $10.00 rounded amount bringing the tender amount to $9.00 and Treez displays the change due of $2.30.

Note, the processor fee is charged on the terminal and is an additional amount that does not impact the change due.

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