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How Do I Create a Taxable Payment Fee?
How Do I Create a Taxable Payment Fee?
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Please Note: Only integrated payment fees configured in Treez can be taxed. These payment types include Integrated ATM, Integrated Credit, and Integrated PIN/Debit.

If you currently use any of these integrated payment options and would like to switch from processor side fees to Treez integrated fees, please reach out to your processor first to disable their fee before setting this up in Treez to avoid double payment fees.

To learn more about Treez-integrated non-cash payment options contact [email protected].

Creating a Taxable Payment Fee

Step 1:

Navigate to Configurations > Config Page > Point of Sale > Payment Types

  • Set your ‘Per Transaction Fees’ for any ‘Integrated’ payment types enabled. This is the amount that will be taxed.

  • Toggle ON the ‘Taxable Transaction Payment Fees’.

Watch the Process:

Recording 2024-03-14 at 17.02.00.gif

Step 2:

Navigate to Configurations > Config Page > Taxes > Point of Sale Tax Set Up (Medical & Adult)

  • Edit and Select the ‘Applies to Products’ dropdown next to the relevant tax(es).

  • In the popup under the ‘Non-Cannabis’ section, select the checkbox for ‘Payment Fee’.

  • Apply the product selection, repeat as needed, and Save the tax set up changes.

All ‘Per Transaction Fees’ set up in the previous step will be taxable.

Watch the Process:

Recording 2024-03-14 at 17.19.10.gif

At the POS checkout, after selecting an Integrated Payment option, the Payment Summary will break out the charge details including the balance representing the total amount due excluding the payment fee related charges, the payment transaction fee, and the tax name and tax amount applicable to the payment fee.

If multiple taxes apply to the payment fee, all tax details will display when hovering over the total ‘Payment Fee Taxes’.

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