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SellTreez: Custom Tender Type
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The introduction of "Custom Tender Type" offers the ability for Treez customers to configure their own unique payment types outside of the current TreezPay offerings. To enable this feature flag customers should contact Treez support at [email protected]

Once enabled by Treez Support, navigate to Configurations > Config Page > POS > Payment Types

    • Select “Add” at bottom of list (directly under existing payment types).

    • Add “Display Name” - This will be the name that appears on checkout and reports.

    • Add “Currency Type” - This is what will be passed in API. Field auto-fills to correct API format based on display name.

    • Save.

Note: For the purposes of this Help Center Article, we are using Gift Card as the "Custom Tender Type" example.



Once you create and save a Custom Tender Type, you can then Enable or Disable using the toggle button. You can also allow for

  • Refunds

  • Require a manager pin for refunds

  • Adjustments

Edit Display Name

Simply click within Custom Tender field to input/edit a new display name.


  • You must hit "Save" for the changes to take effect.

  • For Data integrity purposes and to avoid impacting API usage you cannot edit "Currency Type"


Once configured, the Checkout Screen has the ability to log transactions under Custom Tender Type.


Reporting Guide - Custom Tender Type

Navigate to Sales > Reports > Payments

Payment Summary:

Total amounts accrued under custom tender type will be visible for the selected processing period.


Payment Log:

Line-item payments will be visible with associated custom tender type for the selected processing period.


Cash Module Updates: Shift Report, Cash Handling, Close Shift, Ticket Adjustments

Shift Report:

Navigate to Cash > Cash Handling > Overview

A new column for Custom Tender Type should now be present.


Daily Totals

Navigate to Cash > Cash Handling > Daily Totals

A new row for Custom Tender Type should now be present.


Close Shift

Navigate to Cash > Close Shift

A new payment totals input for custom tender type should be present.


POS Ticket Adjustment

Navigate to Cash > POS Ticket Adjustment

  • Input ticket ID to be adjusted

  • Select edit

  • Adjust tender type to another pay option


Please note: If you want to edit an existing custom tender type you can. Simply navigate to the custom tender type and make your edits and save.

Recording 2024-03-04 at 16.39.08.gif

Your payment log will reflect the sales and payment data using the edited tender type with the correct name going forward while not impacting your historical data.

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