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SellTreez POS
SellTreez POS

Treez Point of Sale

How Do I Create a Custom Invoice Field?
SellTreez: All About Configuration
SellTreez: How Do I Enforce Product Thresholds on My eCommerce Menu?
SellTreez: How Do I Force Scan Inventory?
SellTreez: How Do I Configure the POS?
SellTreez: How Do I Add a Hardware Location?
SellTreez: How Can I Manage Rewards?
SellTreez: What is the Function of Dynamic Sales Tax? - CA ONLY
SellTreez: Custom Tender Type
SellTreez: What is a Post-Tax Strategy?
SellTreez: Configuring the New AOV Display on a Cash Drawer
SellTreez: How Do I Edit My Shop's Membership Agreement Form?
SellTreez: Pro-Active Prevention of Fraud and Theft Enhancements
SellTreez: How Do I Disable a License in SellTreez?
SellTreez: Using Abandon Draft and Saved Sales in Configurations
SellTreez: Label Maker Tips and Tricks
SellTreez: Label Management
SellTreez: Configuring List Management
SellTreez: Enhanced Email Notifications Guide
SellTreez: Email Notification Service
Selltreez: How Do I Require Scanning When Adding Items to an Order?
SellTreez: Label Maker
Configuring Barcode Scanners
SellTreez: Product Configurations
SellTreez: Notification Configurations
SellTreez: How do I enable Fulfillment receipts to automatically print?
SellTreez: How can I customize what order types are shown on the Fulfillment dashboard? 
SellTreez: Can I set-up my Fulfillment receipts differently from my SellTreez receipts?
SellTreez: How do I scan items into Fulfillment orders? 
SellTreez: Embedding Your Online Menu
SellTreez: Basic Configurations
SellTreez: Cash Handling Configurations
How Do I Edit the Titles of Cash Drawers and the Main Vault?
SellTreez: Customer Management Configurations - Membership Agreement
SellTreez: Discounts and Rewards Configurations
SellTreez: eCommerce Configurations
SellTreez: Purchase Limit Configurations
SellTreez: How can I pop my cash drawer separate from a transaction?
SellTreez: All About Point of Sale Configurations
SellTreez: Receipt Configurations
SellTreez: Tax ConfigurationsLearn how to configure Taxes applied to each sale. Medical and Adult Use taxes can be configured separately.
SellTreez: All About Configuring New Hardware
SellTreez: How Do I Enable Digital Receipts
SellTreez: How do I change the text displayed on my receipt?

How Does a Budtender Process Returns/Refunds?
Complete a Sale Using the iOS Retail App
How Do I Check Out a Customer?
SellTreez: How Do I Find a Receipt?
SellTreez: How Do I View a Customer's Purchase History at the POS?
SellTreez: How Do I Find Draft Sales at the POS?
SellTreez: How Do I Abandon a Ticket in the POS?
SellTreez: How Do I Add a Discount at the POS?
SellTreez: How Do I Find a Saved Sale in the POS?
SellTreez: How Do I Build a Sale in the POS?
SellTreez: Where Do I Find the Dispensary Queue in the POS?
SellTreez: How Do I Search for a Customer in the POS?
SellTreez: How Do I Check-in A Returning Customer?
SellTreez: How Do I End My Shift Properly
SellTreez: Why Are Some of My Receipts Now Saying UNPAID at the Top?
SellTreez: What Is the Difference Between an Express Order and a Pick up Order?
SellTreez: How do I remove a discount that is automatically applied?
SellTreez: All About POS (Point of Sale)
SellTreez: Where can I view Order History?
SellTreez: How do I remove or change which customer is associated with an order?
SellTreez: What's the difference between Saved and Draft sales?
SellTreez: Configuring the SellTreez Retail iPad App
SellTreez: What Do I Do if a Customer is Not Showing in the Customer Queue at the POS?
SellTreez: Reprinting Customer Labels
SellTreez: How Do I Save a Sale in the POS?
SellTreez: How do I delete a saved sale?
SellTreez: Redeeming Rewards Configured as a Payment
Redeeming Rewards Configured as a Discount
SellTreez: Reprinting Receipts
SellTreez: Why are some POS discounts greyed out?
SellTreez: Processing a Refund in POS
SellTreez: Starting a Shift
SellTreez: How do I split a payment between multiple methods?
SellTreez: Pausing a Shift
SellTreez: Ending a Shift
SellTreez: Creating a Scannable PIN