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How Do I Navigate the Invoices Page?
How Do I Navigate the Invoices Page?
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How do I navigate the Invoices Page?


On the Invoices page is a table with all your previously created invoices. Each invoice has its own row — tap anywhere on a row to view the selected invoice.

  • Snapshot Summary

    • Across the top of the page are your invoice totals:

      • Total Outstanding Balance: The total unpaid amount owed to distributors from your accepted invoices.

      • Total Draft Balance: The total unpaid amount from draft invoices.

  • Filters and Sorting

    • Clicking the blue filter button in the upper-right hand corner will display available filters and column search bars so you can quickly find the invoices you’re looking for. These are shown under each column header.

    • You can filter for a specific date range using the date range filter in the upper-right hand corner. The search bar to the left of the date filter also allows you to search by Invoice ID, Distributor, or Status.

    • The default sort is by the date the invoice was created, with the newest invoices shown first. Click the sort arrow to the right of the 'Created Date' column header to change the direction of the sort and have the oldest invoices displayed first.

  • Pages

    • By default, 25 invoices will be shown per page. Scroll to the bottom of the list to navigate between pages or change how many invoices are displayed per page.

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