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SellTreez: All About Distributor Management
SellTreez: All About Distributor Management
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The Distributors page is where you can view a list of your current distributors, edit a distributor’s information, and create new distributors. You can also add credit notes here to keep a running total of the amount of credit you have with a distributor.

TIP: Alternatively, you can add credit notes at the inventory level, through the Purchasing > Refunds tab, or in Inventory Control when an item is returned or destroyed.

To get to the Distributors page, navigate to Inventory > Purchasing, then select Distributors from the tabs shown across the top of the screen.

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This page contains a table with every distributor that has been added to your portal.


Navigating Distributors

  • Each row shows details about the distributor, such as the outstanding balance owed to that distributor and your credit balance with that distributor.

  • To narrow down the list of distributors, in the upper right corner you can enter a search term or filter by ‘Active’ or ‘Inactive’ distributors.

Adding a Distributor

Tap the + sign in the bottom right corner of the table to add a new distributor.

View/Edit a Distributor

On the Distributors page, tap on a distributor’s row to open its distributor card. From here you can view or edit information about the distributor.


Distributor Card

The distributor card is where you view and store information about a specific distributor.

Distributor Details

This section covers all the basic information about a distributor, such as name, contact information, payment information, and delivery details.

  • Use the ‘Active Distributor’ toggle to change the status of the distributor. Active (toggle on) distributors will show as an option to select when you create a new invoice. Inactive distributors will not.


In this section, you can add information about a distributor’s license (license number and expiration date) and attach documents (such as a copy of the license).


In this section, you can keep track of who you communicate with at the distributor by adding them as a representative. This also comes in handy on the Refunds page; when you hover over the distributor's name, you’ll see their representatives’ contact information and you can click on their email address to begin drafting an email.


This is a log of every invoice that has been created for this distributor.

  • Use the search or select a date range to narrow down the results.

  • Tap on an invoice number in the list to open that invoice.


This is a record of any credit notes that have been added to this distributor.

  • At the top of this section, is your available credit balance with this distributor.

  • To create a new credit note, click the blue + button to the right of your balance.

  • To revert a credit note, click the revert icon to the right of the 'Balance' column.

    • A credit note acts as an IOU from the vendor that can be redeemed for a refund or applied as a payment towards the outstanding balance on a separate invoice for the same vendor.

NOTE: Credit notes can also be added at the inventory level, through the Purchasing > Refunds tab, or in Inventory Control when an item is returned or destroyed.


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