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SellTreez: Navigating the Purchasing Module
SellTreez: Navigating the Purchasing Module
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The Purchasing module is where you can manage and create invoices, view and add distributors, create credit notes for destroyed products, and more. You can find the Purchasing page by navigating to Inventory > Purchasing.

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Navigating Purchasing

There are 4 tabs across the top of the Purchasing module: Invoices, Distributors, Refunds, and Log. Each tab holds actions for different steps in the purchasing process.




Invoices are how you intake inventory into your Treez portal. On the Invoices page, you can manage previously created invoices and create new invoices. Read more about the Invoices page.



The Distributors page is where you can view a list of your current distributors, edit a distributor’s information, and create new distributors. You can also add credit notes here to keep a running total of the amount of credit you have with a distributor.

TIP: Alternatively, you can add credit notes at the inventory level, through Purchasing > Refunds tab, or in Inventory Control when an item is returned or destroyed. Read more about the Distributors page.



The Refunds page has a list of items that were returned at the point of sale or destroyed in Inventory Control that didn’t have a credit note created for them. To resolve a refund and remove it from the list, decide if you want to add a credit note for it or dismiss it without adding credit. Read more about the Refunds page.



The Log page is where the items you resolve (and the actions you took) on the Refunds page are recorded. You can also revert any refunds that you dismissed in error and would like to create a credit note for. Read more about the Log page.


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