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SellTreez: How Can I Customize Discounts?
SellTreez: How Can I Customize Discounts?
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Applying conditions enables you to customize discounts and target specific member groups, times of day, or patient milestones. Multiple conditions can be layered on top of each other to make promotions more granular.

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Scheduling a discount allows you to run a recurring, time-sensitive promotion restricted by date and/or time. For example, a Happy Hour discount that runs from 5-7pm every Monday and Wednesday or a recurring promotion on the 4th Thursday of the month.

    • Restrict by Date: This function allows you to preset weekly or monthly recurrences of a particular discount.

    • Restrict by Time: This function allows you to establish a certain timeframe a discount will be eligible during.


Customer Cap

Provides the ability to apply the discount to a limited number of patients before it’s disabled. For example, the first 100 patients.

Purchase Minimum

The minimum amount a member must spend in order to be eligible for the discount. This condition is coupled with a 'Purchase Amount Type' filter that lets you determine whether a discount should become eligible once a minimum is met on the Subtotal (i.e., before tax) OR the Grand Total (i.e., after-tax).

Customer Event

Establishes discounts that automatically apply on a certain milestone in a customer's history, such as their sign-up date, birthday, and/or Nth purchase. For example, offering a free pre-roll on a member’s 10th visit.

Customer Group

Applies a discount to a specific group of customers. For example, employees, veterans, or seniors, etc. These groups are created in the ‘Customer Group’ tab.

Item Limit

Caps the number of times a particular discount can be applied to a single transaction. For example, limiting customers to two redemptions of a BOGO during a single visit.

Fulfillment Type

Defines what fulfillment method the discount will be applied to. For example, 5% off pickup orders.

Customer Type

Restricts the discount to either Medical or Adult-Use customers.

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