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SellTreez: How Do I Add a New Customer to the POS?
SellTreez: How Do I Add a New Customer to the POS?
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How do I add a new customer to the POS?


Navigate to Customer > Customer Management

  • Step 1: Collect the doctor’s recommendation and/or valid form of ID — preferably a driver’s license — from the patient.

  • Step 2: Click Add to create a new member profile.

NOTE: Customer profiles that have recently been started or edited will populate above the ‘Customer Queue’. This means you can sign-up multiple new patients at once or check in existing patients without losing your progress. Once the edits have been ‘saved’, the customer names will disappear from the in-progress list and can be 'Checked-in' to be added to the 'Customer Queue'.

Scanning the Barcode

  • Click Signup by Scanning Barcode and scan the barcode on the back of the new patient’s driver’s license with your barcode scanner.

  • This will open the new customer's profile and auto-populate the ‘Member’ info and ‘Address of Record’.

Manually Adding a Customer

  • If the customer doesn’t have their driver’s license or the barcode is unreadable, you can manually create a new member profile by clicking Signup w/o a Driver’s License and following the prompts.

  • Additional ‘Contact Info’ — such as an email, phone number, or an alternative address — can be manually entered at any time.

Medical Status

If the customer is signing up with Medical status, place both the doctor’s recommendation and ID face down on the flatbed scanner, simultaneously. Then, click Capture Photo to scan the documents.

  • The Treez system will automatically pull the photo from the driver’s license into the patient profile and save both documents in the ‘Document Uploads’ section.

  • Click View to see the actual document uploaded in this section.

NOTE: If the patient doesn’t have their physical recommendation, they can e-mail it to you and you can manually upload it from your computer by selecting "New License Upload" or "New Misc Upload" from the ‘Document Uploads’ section.


Tip: Every time you complete a step in the signup process, a green checkmark will appear over the corresponding icon at the top of the profile.

  • Verify the patient’s recommendation (if applicable) using the helpful ‘Evaluation Links’ at the bottom of the page.

  • Toggle the customer’s ‘Caregiver License’ status on (if applicable) and enter the customer’s Caregiver ID number. When this is on, this customer’s name will be included as a selectable option on all other customer profiles in the ‘Caregiver’ section.


Input the ID expiration date and recommendation's (if applicable) expiration date by clicking the Expiration Date icon and selecting the appropriate date from the calendar. Now, you can return both documents to the customer.

  • Alternatively, you can type the date into the date field and press enter (either 11/30/2017 or 11302017 would work).

Click the Collect Signature icon to send the membership agreement to the reception tablet where it will be reviewed and signed by the new patient. Email and/or phone numbers may be collected on this form as well.

  • After the customer has signed the document, they may enter their email to receive a digital copy of the Member Agreement form or may simply click Done to complete their agreement.

NOTE: If your city or state requires you to record information on the physician who wrote the patient's medical recommendation you can enter that on the ‘Physician' card. (This information is not required everywhere.)

If desired, add any additional information that’s applicable.

  • Nickname: If the customer would like to be called by a nickname, enter their preferred name and it will be displayed on their profile as 'Firstname "Nickname" Lastname'.

  • Gender: If the customer would prefer their gender recorded as something other than what’s on their ID, you can select from Male, Female, Non-Binary, or Unspecified.

  • Notes: Any customer notes added to the profile will automatically be shared with your associates at the point of sale.

  • Customer Group: If they qualify, select the appropriate lifetime discount groups they should be a part of. If the customer is a senior, they’ll automatically be added to the “senior” customer group when they reach the correct age, but this function can be disabled by request. There is no limit to the number of customer groups a person can be part of.

  • Caregiver/Legal Rep: Select the patient’s caregiver (if applicable). If you need to scan additional documentation for the caregiver, use the ‘New Misc Upload’ link in the ‘Document Uploads’ section of the patient profile.
    Note: Caregivers must have the ‘Caregiver License’ toggle on and their Caregiver ID number entered on their own profile to be included in this dropdown.

  • Warnings: More likely to be affiliated with existing patients. (NOTE: If a patient is banned, they won’t be allowed to check in without a manager’s approval.)

Click Save in the upper right-hand corner to save and complete the customer's profile. Once complete, customers can be checked-in to complete a purchase.

  • If the customer would like to make a purchase, you can click Check-In on the top right and they'll be added to the Customer Queue.

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