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SellTreez: All About Customer Management
SellTreez: All About Customer Management

Learn all about the Customer Management module including creating and editing profiles!

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Whether you’re checking in a returning customer or adding a new medical patient, Customer Management provides a seamless sign-up and check-in process that will keep customers coming back time and time again. It also allows staff to monitor your shop's customer queue and keep customer profiles up to date.

It is important to note the different definitions of customers types and how their status should be configured in Customer > Customer Management. Please read the first 3 bullet points below before moving onto Adding new customers.

NOTE: Treez Customer Management allows retailers to collect multiple data points about each customer to enhance their experience and provide valuable reporting for your business. It's important to understand data privacy regulations in your jurisdiction to ensure you are not colleting or retaining information that would otherwise be considered non-compliant in your specific jurisdiction.

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Adult Use Customer

Adult Use or Recreational customers are defined by each state's regulations. Generally Adult Use is defined as a customer who is 21 years of age or older and does not have a qualifying medical condition registered with the state. Configuring this in Customer > Customer Management simply require the Adult Use toggle be ON (green and to the right).

Shows Adult Use toggle in ON position

Medical Recommendation - CA Only

Medical Recommendation customers in California are medical patients with a valid doctor's recommendation to use cannabis products but do NOT have a State Issued Medical Marijuana Identification Card (MMID also known as MMIC) registered with the State. Patients with a Doctors recommendation enjoy increased purchase limits and may receive tax exemptions in some jurisdictions but do not qualify for the state medical sales tax exemption. Configuring a customer for Medical with a Doctor's Recommendation is easy! Simply navigate to Customer > Customer Management and toggle OFF (gray and to the left) both the "Adult Use" toggle and the State Medical ID toggle. An expiration date is required for Medical Recommendations and is entered in the "Expiration" field at the top of the profile next to to the customers profile picture.

PIcture of a customer profile with the Adult Use, State Medical ID toggles highlighted. Medical Expiration date is also highlighted.

Medical with State Medical ID

Medical with State Medical ID is for medical patients who are registered with the state as a qualified medical patient and have received a state issued Medical ID. To configure a Medical customer with a state issued Medical ID, navigate to Customer > Customer Management and locate the customers profile. You will set the Adult Use toggle to OFF (gray and to the left) and set the State Medical ID is toggled ON (green and to the right). The state issued ID card number is entered in state medical id field below the State Medical ID toggle. An expiration date is required for Medical Recommendations and is entered in the "Expiration" field at the top of the profile next to to the customers profile picture. Medical with State Medical ID does include medical state sales tax exemption when the tax module is configured to appropriately.

Member section of customer profile is pictured and the Adult Use toggle is OFF is highlighted with the State Medical ID number entered.

NOTE: In markets where medical patients are always required to have a state issued Medical ID, the State Medical ID toggle may not be available as it is considered required by default. The State Medical ID field will be available to enter the patient's Medical ID number by anytime the Adult Use toggle is OFF.

Adding New Customers

NOTE: If you are signing up a new patient in AZ, visit this article to learn how.

To add a new customer profile, navigate to Customer > Customer Management.

Step 1: Collect a valid form of ID from the customer and if they are a medical patient, collect either their State Medical ID or their Doctors Recommendation.

Step 2: In Customer > Customer Management, click Add to create a new member profile.


NOTE: Customer profiles that have recently been started or edited but not yet saved will populate under the "Customer Queue" on the right side of the screen. This means you can signup multiple new patients at once or check in existing patients without losing your progress if you navigate away from the profile. Once the edits have been saved, the customer names will disappear from the editing list in the Customer Queue and can be "Checked-in" to be added to the "Customer Queue".

Step 3: Click Signup by Scanning Barcode and scan the 2D barcode on the back of the new customers driver’s license with your barcode scanner.

Image showing the "signup by Scanning Barcode" button highlighted
  • This will open the new customer's profile and auto-populate the ‘Member’ section and ‘Address of Record’ with the information from the customers ID

  • If the customer doesn’t have their driver’s license or the barcode is unreadable, you can manually create a new member profile by clicking Signup Without Scanning Driver’s License Barcode and following the prompts.

Image showing the "Signup Without Scanning Drivers License Barcode" link highlighted
  • Additional contact information such as an email, phone number, or an alternative address can be manually entered at any time in the Contact & Delivery Info section.

Image of the "Contact & Delivery Info" section

Step 4: If you would like to retain a digital copy of the customers provided identification, place the document in your scanner and click the "Capture Photo" button at the top of the customer profile.

TIP: Before completing the following steps, ensure that saving this customer information is in compliance with your jurisdictions data privacy regulations.

Image of the Capture Photo button in the customers profile highlighted
  • The Treez system will automatically pull the photo from the identification document into the customer profile and save save the full copy of the document in the ‘Document Uploads’ section so long as you have configured your Hardware Agent and Hardware Location properly. The document will be titled "Full License" followed by the date and time the document was uploaded to Treez.

Image of the Document Uploads section with the Full License document highlighted
  • Click the eye icon to see the actual document uploaded in this section.

image highlighting the eye icon

If the customer is signing up as a medical patient and you would like to retain a copy of the patients medical document, you may now place their medical document (State Medical ID or Doctors Recommendation) in your document scanner and click the "Scan MD Rec" button at the top of the customer profile.

Image of "Scan MD Rec" button highlighted
  • The Treez system will automatically save a copy of the medical document it in the ‘Document Uploads’ section so long as you have configured your Hardware Agent and Hardware Location properly. The name of the document will be "Doctors Permit" followed by the date and time the document was uploaded to Treez.

NOTE: If any of the document shave been provided to you in a digital format, you may upload them directly to the customer profile by licking the "+ Upload" button in the "Document Uploads" section and selecting the appropriate document type.


TIP: Every time you complete a step in the signup process, a green checkmark will appear over the corresponding icon at the top of the profile.

Step 5: If the customer is a caregiver for a medical patient, toggle the customer’s ‘Caregiver License’ status ON in the "Member" section of the profile (if applicable) and enter the customer’s Caregiver ID number. When this is ON, this customer’s name will be included as a selectable option on all other customer profiles in the ‘Caregiver’ field of the "Notes" section. Click here to learn more about caregiver workflows!

Image of caregiver toggle and field with caregiver license number entered

Step 6: Input the Identification documents expiration date and medical documents (if applicable) expiration date by clicking into the respective Expiration Date =field and selecting the appropriate date from the calendar.

The identification documents expiration date is entered into the the "Identification Expiration Date" field in the "Member" section.

Image of "Member" section with the "Identification Expiration Date" field highlighted.

The medical documents expiration date is entered into the "Expiration" field at the top of the customer profile, next to the customers image.

TIP: When entering the expiration date, you can select from the calendar or you can type the date into the date field and press enter (either 11/30/2017 or 11302017 would work).

Step 7: Click the Collect Signature icon to send the membership agreement to the reception tablet where it will be reviewed and signed by the new patient. Email and/or phone numbers may be collected on this form as well. Click here to learn more about configuring your Membership Agreement!

Image of customer profile with the "Collect Signature" button highlighted
  • After the customer has signed the Membership Agreement, they may enter their email to receive a digital copy of the Member Agreement form or may simply click Done to complete their agreement.

NOTE: If your jurisdiction requires you to record information on the physician who wrote the patient's medical recommendation you can enter that on the "Physician" card. (This information is not required everywhere.)

Step 8: If desired, add any additional information that’s applicable and allowed or required in your jurisdiction.

  • Nickname: If the customer would like to be called by a nickname, enter their preferred name and it will be displayed on their profile as 'Firstname "Nickname" Lastname'.

  • Gender: If the customer would prefer their gender recorded as something other than what’s on their ID, you can select from Male, Female, Non-Binary, or Unspecified.

  • Notes: Any customer notes added to the profile will automatically be shared with your associates at the point of sale.

  • Customer Group: If they qualify, select the appropriate discount groups they should be a part of. If the customer is a senior, they’ll automatically be added to the “senior” customer group when they reach the correct age (set to 65 by default), but this function can be disabled by request. There is no limit to the number of customer groups a customer can be part of.

  • Caregiver: Select the patient’s caregiver (if applicable). If you need to scan additional documentation for the caregiver, use the ‘New Misc Upload’ link in the ‘Document Uploads’ section of the patient profile.

NOTE: Caregivers must have the ‘Caregiver License’ toggle on and their Caregiver ID number entered on their own profile to appear in this dropdown.

  • Warnings: More likely to be affiliated with existing patients as opposed to a new customer.

  • Banned: More likely to be affiliated with existing customers as opposed to a new customer. When is marked as banned on their customer profile, they cannot be checked in Customer Management.

Step 9: Click the "Save" button in the upper right-hand corner to save and complete the customer's profile. Once complete, customers can be checked-in to complete a purchase.

Image of save button highlighted
  • If the customer would like to make a purchase, you can click Check-In on the top right and they'll be added to the Customer Queue.

This is what the Customer Queue will look like after you have checked in the customer.

Image of the Customer Queue


Checking-In Returning Customers

NOTE: If you are checking in a new patient in AZ, visit this article to learn how.

Once a customer has been added to Treez, checking them in is as easy as scanning the barcode on the back of their license.

For transparency, when scanning the ID barcode in the customer Directory (not clicking into search bar) Treez uses the search logic to locate profiles as follows:

1. We look for any profiles with a matching Driver's License number. If 1 or more profiles are found, we will return all profiles with a matching DL.
2. If no DL matches are found, we will attempt to match on First Name, Last Name and DOB. We will return any profiles that match these 3 fields. It must match all 3, if DOB does not match, we will not return profiles based only on a first/last name match.

TIP: When scanning the back of a driver’s license, cover up the traditional 1D barcode at the top of (some) licenses for optimal read performance.

Step 1: To access the Customer Directory, navigate to the Customer > Customer Management. The Customer Directory will be loaded by default.

  • The Directory will show the last customer check-ins.

Step 2: Scan the 2D barcode on the back of the customer's ID using your barcode scanner. The customer's profile will automatically appear.

  • If the barcode isn’t reading — or the customer forgot their ID — you can manually search for their profile by using the drop-down in the green ‘Search’ field.

    1. Select the information by which you want to search.

    2. Type the pertinent information into the search box and click the green button.

  • Alternatively, you may use the "Directory" option at the top of the page if the customer has been checked in recently.


Step 3: Click Check-In to add them to the Customer Queue.

NOTE: If you are checking in a caregiver who will be purchasing for their associated patient, check-in the caregiver first and their patient’s after. This order ensures the patients’ profiles will be nested under their caregiver in the customer queue.

Step 4: If applicable, review the customer’s purchase allotment displayed in the Purchase Allotment prompt. In markets where purchase limits are tracked by the State Tracking System (also known as the Track & Trace provider) the purchase allotment is imported from the provider for Medical patients, or default to the maximum legal daily limit for Adult-Use customers.

Image of purchase allotment popup

NOTE: You have the ability to adjust the purchase allotment before check-in, if desired. For example, if a customer has purchased from a different dispensary that day, but that dispensary hasn’t yet reported the sale to the Track & Trace provider, you can manually lower the customer’s purchase limit at your shop.


Editing and Renewing Members

Edits can be made to a customer's profile at any time by clicking Edit at the top of the page.


Renewing Medical Members

If a customers medical document is expired, you can use the ‘Scan MD Rec’ button to scan and upload the new document.

Step 1: Place the medical document in the document scanner.

Step 2: Click ‘Scan MD Rec’ to scan the document and automatically save it to the ‘Document Uploads’ card.

  • If the patient doesn’t have their physical recommendation, you can upload it manually from your computer by:

    • Editing the profile

    • Clicking the "+ Upload" button in the "Document Uploads" section

    • Selecting "MD Rec" from the "Document Uploads" section.

Step 3: Enter the new expiration date in the "Expiration" field at the top of the profile, next to the customers picture.

Image of the customer profile with Expiration field highlighted

Step 4: When complete, click ‘Save & Back’.

Image of profile with Save & Back button highlighted


Customer Notes, Warnings, and Bans

You can apply notes, warnings, or bans to a specific customer, by clicking into their profile and clicking Edit.

  • Notes: Can be used for a number of things; To track patient preferences, to add details about warnings, etc.

    Image of notes section

  • Warnings: There are two boxes available on each member's profile to add warnings. You may use the ‘Notes’ section to elaborate on the nature of these warnings. Warnings have no impact on a customer profile and are intended to be a reference for employees helping this customer in the future.

    Image of Warning checkboxes

  • Bans: A checkbox is available to ban a customer. If you go to check in a banned member, you’ll be notified by a pop-up and the customer will not be checked in.

    Image of Banned checkbox

Image of error message on customer profile when customer is banned

NOTE: Bans and Warnings can be removed by unchecking the respective box.


Viewing a Customer’s Event History

For each customer, Treez will record a history of their check-in’s, transactions, profile edits, and more.


Step 1: To access a customer’s event history, navigate to the Customer > Customer Management.

Step 2: Locate the desired customer by searching for their information in the Directory and click on their profile to open it.

Step 3: Scroll down to the bottom of their profile and tap on the Event History dropdown to reveal a list of historical events linked to this customer. For accountability purposes, we’ll also note which employee performed each action.

NOTE: When the customer profile is in Edit mode, the history cannot be viewed. To view the history, simply click the Save & Back or Discard changes button.



For dispensaries that have Rewards Points enabled, these will display at the bottom of each member’s profile. Reward configurations can be set in Configuration > Config Page > Discounts and Rewards > Rewards.

Updating Rewards Points

A customer's rewards points can be adjusted manually with a manager’s PIN.

Step 1: Navigate to the proper customer profile and click Edit at the top of the page.

Image of customer profile with Edit button highlighted

Step 2: Scroll to the bottom of the profile and click Edit on the ‘Rewards Points’ card.

Image of rewards dollars section with Edit button highlighted

Step 3: Select your user tile and enter your manager PIN, click Ok and adjust the rewards points to reflect the desired total.


NOTE: Only users with the Sell Treez > Retail > Manager Override permission in Role Management will appear in the list of user tiles.

Step 4: Once complete, click Save & Back to save your edits.


Customer Queue

The Customer Queue reflects all customers that are currently in the building — both those that have been checked in and are waiting to be served, and those that are new and in the process of being signed up.

  • Customers waiting to be served will appear with with a green background, a photo in the queue along with information about their membership and current wait time.

  • New customers who are being signed up or customer profiles with unsaved edits will appear with an orange background above the checked in queue.

Image of the Customer Queue

Editing the Customer Queue

Patients will be added to the queue in the order they check-in.

  • To rearrange the Customer Queue, select the customer photo and drag to a new location in the queue.

  • To remove a customer from the queue, click the ‘X’ in the top right corner of their photo.

Clearing the Customer Queue

If you want to clear the entire Customer Queue with the click of a button, you'll first need to ensure the configuration is enabled.

Step 1: Navigate to Configurations > Config Page > Customer Management.

Step 2: Click the Customer Sign Up card to expand it > toggle the Show Clear Queue button at Intake option.

In Customer Management, you will now see a trash icon at the top of your customer queue which you can click to clear all customers.

Image of customer queue with trash can icon highlighted


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