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SellTreez: How Do I Add an Expense?
SellTreez: How Do I Add an Expense?
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How do I add an expense?


First, you’ll need to create Expense Categories before you can add any expenses within your accounts. Establishing expense categories allows you to create consistency in your reporting and ensures funds are being properly allocated to specifically predetermined expenditures.

To create these Expense categories, you’ll navigate to Configuration > Config Page > Cash Handling. Select Expense Categories and begin entering your desired expense types. You can create as many as you’d like: maybe you’d like a category for rent, or software fees or payroll.

Once you’re finished creating your expense, Click Add Expense Type to create a new expense category. Any category created here will populate on the ‘Expense Type’ drop-down within the Cash Handling module when you go to add in your expense.

After you’ve created your expense categories you can begin adding in your expenses within your accounts. To do this, you’ll navigate to Cash Handling, then, you’ll tap the corresponding vault or account tab you’d like to use to pay the expense.

Next, Tap Add Expense and fill out the expense information card with the appropriate Expense Type, Amount and any other details you’d like to include in the notes section. Then, once complete, click Add Expense to create a new entry on the corresponding tab and the Audit Log.

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