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SellTreez: Making a Transfer in Cash Handling
SellTreez: Making a Transfer in Cash Handling
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Transferring money allows you to have greater control over the amount of cash you have on-premise and where it’s physically located at any given time. Transfers can be made directly to or from cash drawers, linked accounts, and/or the main vault.

Step 1: Navigate to Cash Handling, then, tap the corresponding vault, cash drawer, or account tab you’d like to make the transfer from.


Step 2: Tap Transfer and fill out the transfer information card.

  • Transfer To: Only cash drawers and linked accounts will display in this dropdown. See Creating a New Account for more information on how to add new transfer destinations to this list.

  • Amount: Enter the dollar amount you would like to transfer.

  • Notes: Notes will display in the ‘Description’ column and can be used to provide information about why the transaction has occurred. These are best kept short and descriptive.

Step 3: Click Make Transfer to complete the transfer and move funds from one linked account, vault, or drawer to another.

  • Once a transfer is completed, an entry will be logged on the page you’ve made the transfer from as well as on the audit log.

  • If a transfer has been made to a cash drawer the ‘Total Balance’, ‘Starting Balance’, and ‘Total Expected Balance’ within the ‘Cash Drawers’ tab will all be updated to reflect the newly added cash amount to the corresponding drawer.

NOTE: If at any point you do not see a recently made change within the Cash Handling module, refresh the page.

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