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SellTreez: All About Shift Turnover
SellTreez: All About Shift Turnover
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Shift turnover is an important aspect in maintaining accountability and transparency on the sales floor and also ensures that what’s inside your cash drawers is never a surprise.


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Start of Shift

When starting a shift, follow the steps below to ensure your cash is accounted for and your receipts print at the right terminal.

Step 1: To start a shift, navigate to SellTreez.

Step 2: Choose the cash drawer you’ll be responsible for and select the appropriate terminal for your station. This process only occurs when a user is starting a shift or returning from a break (a.k.a. “pause” shift).


Step 3: Count the money within your cash drawer and confirm the actual starting balance matches that displayed on the screen, and click Confirm.

  • If there’s a discrepancy in the physical cash amount contained inside the drawer and the number displayed on the screen, notify your manager immediately.


Step 4: Now, you’re ready to select customers from the queue and process transactions.

NOTE: Once a shift has been started, an entry will be created in the Cash Handling module on the ‘Shift Report’ tab, which displays real-time balances for each open shift. This module is restricted to managers (or those with configured access) and can be found by going to Cash Handling.


Pause Shift

When a sales associate goes on break, our Pause Shift feature allows you to keep the cash in your drawers safe, and re-verify the contents of the drawer once the break is over.

Step 1: To pause a shift, navigate to SellTreez > No Customer and log in using your PIN.

Step 2: Click on your name on the top bar and hit the Pause Shift button to put your shift on hold. Doing this will log you out of the Treez portal.


Step 3: Once your break is complete, log back into SellTreez and reselect your cash drawer and terminal to continue your shift.

Step 4: Confirm the balance of your drawer and click Continue to resume your shift.



End of Shift

The end-of-shift procedure ensures that money coming in and money going out is properly tracked. Following these daily processes allows you to reduce cash variance and increase accountability.

To initiate End of Shift procedures, navigate to SellTreez.

Step 1: Tap No Customer to begin.

Step 2: Select your name and log in using your PIN. This will take you to the sales screen.

Step 3: Click Current Sale and select End of Shift. Clicking this will print an End of Shift (EOS) receipt and end your shift on a given register. Once ended, you’ll be prompted with a pop-up that allows you to reprint the EOS receipt or confirm your end-of-shift action.

  • Selecting Reprint will cause your EOS receipt to reprint. Once printed, you’ll be prompted once again to select either ‘Reprint’ or ‘Confirm’ just in case you encountered an error with the initial reprint or want multiple copies for whatever reason.

  • Selecting Confirm will log you out of the Treez portal.


NOTE: After hitting "Confirm", you'll no longer be able to print an additional end-of-shift receipt from here. Instead, a manager will be able to do that by heading to Cash Handling > Shift Report > and clicking on the '...' icon next to the appropriate shift. From here, you can reprint the end-of-shift receipt as many times as is necessary.

  • Totals for configured payment methods will be displayed on the end of shift receipt, along with tax breakdowns, your daily transactions and payments, and shift details.


Step 4: Remove the cash drawer and take it to your cash handling team along with the EOS receipt.

  • Internal processes for End of Shift may vary, so talk to your manager if you have any questions about your specific End of Shift practices.

NOTE: After an employee initiates End of Shift procedures, the status of the employee’s shift will change from 'Open' to 'Closed' and the money collected on that register can be seen on the ‘Shift Report’ tab of the Cash Handling module (only accessible to managers).


Close Shift

In order to help promote accountability, the steps required to close a shift are often completed by a manager. Once a sales associate turns in their cash drawer and End of Shift receipt, close shift procedures can begin.

To initiate ‘Close Shift’ procedures, navigate to Cash Handling.

Step 1: From the ‘Shift Report’ page, find the ended shift that you would like to close.

NOTE: Should you need to, you can click on the 'Click to Enable Date Filtering' button in the upper right-hand corner of the page to sort the shifts by date or shift status.

Step 2: Click the Shift Options (...) icon on the corresponding line and tap Close Shift. This will open the Close Shift window.


NOTE: The carrots can be clicked in any of the bill/coin fields to display the denomination boxes where you can enter the number of each denomination, not the value, in lieu of a cash counter.

Step 3: Proceed by counting out the amount of cash you'd like to allocate to the next shift's float and confirm the value entered in ‘Ending Float Bills/Coins’ fields matches this amount. This field will default to the beginning float amount, so if your float remains consistent shift-to-shift, you won’t have to touch it. If your float needs to be adjusted, enter the updated amount in the ‘Ending Float Bills/Coins’ fields and set the new amount aside (or back in the drawer).

NOTE: Changes to the float will affect the amount of cash that’s transferred to the Main Vault, but won’t affect the ‘Total Shift Actuals’. That’s always going to be the amount of money transacted on that drawer during the shift.

Step 4: Count the remaining cash from the drawer and enter it into the Cash Out Drop Bills/Coins field(s).

Step 5: Continue by entering the actuals for all accepted payment types in the remaining 'Payment Total' fields.

Step 6: Verify the amounts you’ve entered are correct and tap Close Shift > Confirm.

Once this process is complete, the sum of the amounts entered in ‘Cash Drop Out’ fields, plus or minus the float difference that's accrued when the float is adjusted, will be transferred to the Main Vault. Additional payment types will be routed to the accounts you have configured to receive them (via Configurations > Config Page > Cash Handling > Payment Types).

Close of shift information can be viewed on the Daily Totals tab (via Cash Handling > Shift Report > Daily Totals), which is similar to the End of Shift report. From here, managers can make edits to any actuals by tapping on the edit icon within the ‘Cash Drawers Actuals’ section.

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Editing Shift Actuals

Occasionally, you may need to adjust the amounts entered in the cash or charge fields after closing out a shift. Edits to shift actuals can be completed from within the Daily Totals section of the Cash Handling module.

Step 1: To edit shift actuals, navigate to Cash Handling > Shift Report > Daily Totals.


Step 3: Update the amounts in the corresponding fields and hit Update Shift Actuals.

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Cash Drop

Keeping your money safe is of the utmost importance for your business, and carrying too much in a register can be a liability. To keep your money protected, you can perform a ‘Cash Drop’ — or multiple — throughout the day.

Cash drops can be performed (including being edited and deleted) at any point from the time a shift is started to the time its ended. Once a shift has been 'Closed' no additional changes to cash drops can be made.

Step 1: From the Cash Drops tab (found in the Shift Report section), click the drawer you want to make the cash drop from.

Step 2: Click + in the upper left of the card and fill out the cash/change in the cash count fields.


Step 3: Confirm the amounts entered at click Complete. Now, the cash drop will now be visible on the drawer's card.

NOTE: You can add a cash drop to a shift that has already ended, as long as the shift has not been closed.

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Adjusting Payment Methods

Occasionally, a sales associate may input the wrong payment method on the checkout screen, causing the cash and credit amount to be incorrect on the End of Shift receipt. Luckily, you can retroactively adjust the mistake through our ‘POS Ticket’ report and ensure your cash and charge amounts are in alignment when closing out a shift.

Step 1: To review transaction history navigate to the POS Ticket Adjustment Report.

Step 2: Use the ‘Time’, ‘Date’, and ‘Users’ filters to narrow applicable search results.


Step 3: Look through completed transactions to see if the difference between cash and credit — noted in the Daily Totals section of Cash Handling — matches any transactions made throughout the shift.

For example, if you have $54 more in cash than you expected, you would check to see if any transactions were completed for around $54 that were documented as being charged to a card. This may be an indication a sale was incorrectly documented as a credit transaction when in fact it was actually paid for in cash.

Step 4: Once you’ve identified the incorrect charge, click on Details to display the specifics of the transaction.


Step 5: On the ‘Details’ window, click Edit and update the amounts in both fields.


Step 6: Tap Update to save your changes. Once you refresh the page, the adjusted amount will be visible in the updated payment column and be properly displayed on the Daily Totals section of Cash Handling.

Step 7: Now, count the cash again to ensure the numbers are in alignment, and tap Submit.


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