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SellTreez: Starting a Shift
Written by Treez Admin
Updated over a week ago

When starting a shift, follow the steps below to ensure your cash is accounted for and your receipts print at the correct terminal.

Step 1: To start a shift, navigate to Retail > SellTreez POS.

Step 2: Choose the cash drawer you’ll be responsible for and select the appropriate terminal for your station. This process only occurs when a user is starting a shift or returning from a break (a.k.a. 'pause' shift).


Step 3: Count the money within your cash drawer and confirm the actual starting balance matches the amount displayed on the screen and click Confirm.

  • If there’s a discrepancy in the physical cash amount contained inside the drawer and the number displayed on the screen, notify your manager immediately.


Step 4: Now, you’re ready to select customers from the queue and process transactions.

NOTE: Once a shift has been started, an entry will be created in the Cash Handling module on the ‘Shift Report’ tab, which displays real-time balances for each open shift. This module can only be accessed by managers and can be found by navigating to Daily Procedures > Cash Handling.

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