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SellTreez: Ending a Shift
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The end-of-shift procedure ensures that money coming in and money going out is properly tracked. Following these daily practices allows you to reduce cash variances and increase accountability.

To initiate End of Shift procedures, navigate to Retail > SellTreez POS.

Step 1: Tap No Customer to begin.

Step 2: Select your name and log in using your PIN. This will take you to the sales screen.

Step 3: Click Current Sale and select End Shift.


Confirm this action by clicking the green OK button next. This will print an End of Shift (EOS) receipt and end your shift on a given register.

Totals for configured payment methods will be displayed on the EOS receipt, along with your daily transactions and shift details.


Step 4: Remove the cash drawer and take it to your cash handling team along with the EOS receipt.

Internal processes for Ending a Shift may vary, so talk to your manager if you have any questions about yours.

NOTE: After an employee initiates End of Shift procedures, the status of the employee’s shift will change from 'Open' to “Closed” and the money collected on that register can be seen on the ‘Shift Report’ tab of the Cash Handling module (only accessible to managers).

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