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SellTreez: Pausing a Shift
Written by Treez Admin
Updated over a week ago

When a sales associate goes on break, our ‘Pause Shift’ feature allows you to keep the cash in your drawers safe, and re-verify the contents of the drawer once their break is over.

Step 1: To pause a shift, navigate to SellTreez POS > No Customer and log in using your PIN.

Step 2: Click on your name on the top bar to reveal the ‘Pause Shift’ button, then, click Pause Shift to put your shift on hold and prevent sales from being transacted to your cash drawer. Doing this will log you out of the Treez portal.


NOTE: Typically, if someone else will be using your POS terminal during your absence, you’ll remove your cash drawer and leave it with management. The next person using the POS terminal will insert their cash drawer and select their drawer and terminal upon logging into SellTreez.

Step 3: Once your break is complete, log in to SellTreez and reselect your cash drawer and terminal to continue your shift.

Step 4: Confirm the balance of your drawer and click Continue to resume your shift.

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