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SellTreez: How Do I Set Up an Account?
SellTreez: How Do I Set Up an Account?
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How do I set up an account?


In order to use the Cash Handling module, you’ll need to start by setting up any accounts you’d like to feed into it. While your main vault will be set up for you, you’ll need to configure any desired ‘Tracked’ and ‘Untracked’ accounts, as well as setting up you cash drawers for SellTreez. You can use the ‘Add Account’ section to add a new cash drawer. Once an account or cash drawer has been set up, you can begin tracking and moving funds between vaults and cash drawers, adjusting float amounts and paying expenses.

NOTE: Additional accounts/vaults can be used to manage funds, but they are not necessary to use Cash Handling.

Step 1: To set up a new account, navigate to Configuration > Config Page > Cash Handling > Add Account.

Step 2: Fill out all fields in the ‘Add Account’ card.

  • Account Name: This is the name that will display in the ‘Tracked’ or ‘Untracked Account’ dropdown, or what the cash drawer will be named. Assigning short, descriptive names will help you easily identify the proper account to use when working with your funds.

  • Account Info: There are three account types to choose from — Tracked, Untracked, and Cash Drawers.

    • Account Type: Depending on which option you choose will determine where the account is displayed in the Cash Handling module (Tracked Account or Untracked Account tab) and whether or not a balance is tracked for that account. As the names suggest, a ‘Tracked Account’ will track and display the corresponding balances of each account within the Cash Handling module whereas ‘Untracked Accounts’ will not track or display the balance(s).

    • Currency Type: There can only be one currency type associated with each account. All enabled payment methods will display in the dropdown.

  • Description: This field is used for internal purposes only. Any descriptions added here will display below the account name in the ‘Existing Accounts’ field above.


Step 3: Enable the External Account Number and/or the Account Starting Balance toggle(s).

  • A starting balance is not required in order to set up a Tracked Account; however, the balance will be set to '0' by default if nothing is entered. There is no starting balance for an Untracked Account.

NOTE: This is the only chance to enter a starting balance without deleting the account and creating a new one.

Step 4: Click Add New Account to save your newly created account. Once complete, this account will appear in the ‘Existing Accounts’ section above.

  • After an account has been created, you can update the name by tapping Edit Account Name in the ‘Existing Accounts’ section. If you need to update any information past that, such as the account number, description, or currency type — you’ll need to create a new account and delete the outdated one.

NOTE: Also found in the ‘Existing Accounts’ section is a toggle that gives you the ability to hide account balances within the PO payment dropdown. In the event you don’t want employees who don’t have access to the Cash Handling module having insight into your various account balances, this can be enabled.

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