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Complete a Sale Using the iOS Retail App
Complete a Sale Using the iOS Retail App
Written by Treez Admin
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First, have the iOS Intake App open on your iPad.

When a customer has been previously added to the Treez system, you can scan the 2D barcode on their license or state ID card, from any screen within the iPad Customer Management module and the customer's profile will automatically appear.

You can also navigate to Retail > SellTree POS > Log in with your PIN and search for a customer. Be sure and check the customer queue as well.

Next, navigate to your iOS Retail App and select the customer you want to help. Add items to the customer's cart. When complete click the "Checkout" button.

Choose the payment method by clicking on the appropriate button. In this example I have chosen “Cash”:

Note: You can apply Reward Dollars if available.

Fill in the amount of purchase and click “Charge”

If change is required on the transaction, give change to the customer, print the receipt or choose another way to deliver the receipt and click “Done”. This ends the transaction for the customer.

Choose receipt option and then click “Done”

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