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Retail Analytics - Sales Dashboard
Retail Analytics - Sales Dashboard
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Please Note: This article pertains to Retail Analytics dashboard functionality in the Latest Version of Treez.

The Retail Analytics Sales dashboard allows you to view the historical data of your store's sales performance. The Revenue Analysis section shows you the profitability of the brands, product type, purchasing source (in store, online order through different platforms), and order channel (in store, pickup, delivery, express).

Log into the Latest Version of Treez and navigate to Dashboard > RA> Sales> Sales

  • Choose your view using the dropdown menus on the Controls portion of the dashboard

Please note that the cards pictured below are for in-store orders only, and that they are not affected by the Order Channel filter.

Revenue analysis

Select a Measure to analyze revenue by time, brand, and product type:

  • The line graph will automatically adjust based on your selection of the revenue metric, as well as the filters you applied in the Controls panel, such as Store, Date, Payment Types.

  • The Product Type donut chart allows you to drill down to the product subtype level by hovering your cursor near the top right corner of this visual for the menu to appear and clicking the downward arrow.

Note: When analyzing the revenue source, and order channel using Average Order Value and Average Order Profit, the % of Total columns in these tables will be null. This is intended as the average metrics do not have meaningful percentages of total scenarios.

Payments Analysis

The parameters in the Payments Analysis card allow you to choose how you want to view your payment metrics. You can include or exclude refunds, splitting out or grouping payment types. You can view these by AoV, Customer Count, Payment Utilization % or Ticket Count.


Pro Tip: Select Split Out Payment Types to have all payment methods enabled in your organization shown in the line chart and see how their values rank against each other.

Order Channel Analysis

Order Channel Analysis gives you four options to choose your view - Delivery, Express, In Store, and Pickup. Use these views to examine your customers frequency and spend patterns.

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