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SellTreez: How Can I Manage Rewards?
SellTreez: How Can I Manage Rewards?
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How can I manage rewards?


Treez offers several ways for you to manage your rewards program. Navigate to Configurations > Configs > Discounts & Rewards page. Click on the arrow and expand the Rewards tab. Toggle the rewards you want to enable on and toggle off the rewards you do not want to offer.

  • Offer Reward Dollars: This toggle enables rewards.

  • Return in Reward Dollars: This toggle will allow customers to receive refunds for their returned purchases in reward dollars. This refund option will display in the Sell Treez view when a sales associate goes to process a return, along with other enabled return payment options (such as cash or debit).

  • Rewards Accrued on Post-Tax Total: By default, Treez calculates the amount of rewards dollars accrued per purchase based on the pre-tax subtotal. If you would like rewards accrued on the post-tax total instead, switch this toggle on.

  • Auto-Enroll New Customers: This toggle determines if new customers will be automatically enrolled or need to be manually added to the Rewards program on their customer profile.

  • How many cents in Rewards Dollars should a customer earn for each dollar they spend: This defines the reward dollar accrual rate. For example, if this is set to '1', customers who spend $50 will receive $0.50 in reward dollars.

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