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SellTreez: All About Point of Sale Configurations
SellTreez: All About Point of Sale Configurations
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The configurations found under the ‘Point of Sale’ tab allow you to customize certain aspects within the Sell Treez POS module.

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Point of Sale

These toggles let you dictate which features are enabled within the Point of Sale system, allowing you to create unique operational workflows within your shop.

  • Customer Label: In some areas, regulations require you to print an additional customer label for every product a customer purchases. If this is enabled, a customer label will print every time a product is added to the cart. This label can contain a variety of information, but you’ll need to reach out to us directly for us to configure the proper fields.

  • Print Patient Label For Medical: This option will only display if the ‘Customer Label’ toggle has been enabled. Turning this slider ‘On’ will ensure the customer label only prints for medical customers.

  • Print Patient Label For Adult: This option will only display if the ‘Customer Label’ toggle has been enabled. Turning this slider ‘On’ will ensure the customer label prints for adult-use customers.

  • Cash Drawer Pop: This will give employees the ability to pop the cash drawer separate from a transaction. If enabled, the ‘Pop Cash Drawer’ function can be found by going to Sell Treez > Current Sale timer > Pop Cash Drawer.

  • Automatically Print Receipt: This causes the receipt to print without manual interference at the end of each sale. Disabling this setting will allow the user to select a digital or paper receipt.

  • Extra Receipt: This will print both a merchant and customer copy of the receipt at checkout.

  • Require Scanning (only): This toggle will force sales associates to scan items at the point of sale and remove the ability to add items to an order by searching and selecting.

  • Hide Ability to Manually Add Ticket Lines: This option will only display if the ‘Require Scanning’ toggle has been enabled. Turning this slider ‘On’ will prevent users from manually increasing the quantity of an item by pressing the + button located to the right of the product icon.

  • Inventory Section: Enabling this setting will automatically pick inventory from a sellable location. Disabling this means the user will have to manually select inventory when not scanning.

  • Auto-End All Shifts Daily: This functionality allows you to automatically end any shifts that remain open at 11:59 pm each day. This will help ensure that any End of Shift or Close of Shift procedures that weren’t performed the previous day don’t affect the next day's cash totals.

  • Print and Save: This feature allows you to print a customer receipt and save the sale in a single tap. If you prepare orders in advance, this configuration will save you time and effort during your fulfillment process.



User Interface

These functions dictate the way certain aspects of customer and inventory information is displayed within SellTreez.

  • Hide Inventory: This function will prevent the live inventory count from showing the product information within SellTreez. The product is displayed when clicking directly on an item.

  • Show Customer Age: This allows you to display the customer’s age along with other information specific to that customer within SellTreez.

  • Hide Product Images: In the event, you don’t want images displayed next to each product or have slower internet, this functionality will allow SellTreez to operate without images and load even faster than before.

  • Auto Decimal: This function places an auto-decimal in your checkout keypad, allowing your sales associates to enter 1-2-0-0 and have it be recognized as “$12.00”, the same way it does with a calculator. Enabling this function reduces the likelihood of transactions accidentally being rung up as a much greater amount than intended, for example, incorrectly entering an amount of $50.00 as “$5000”.



Inventory Functions

  • Inventory Adjustments: This functionality is similar to selling into the negative and allows you to make adjustments to your inventory on the fly. Enabling this feature means that in the event the system recognizes you as having ‘0’ of an item when you actually have 1 or more item(s) available — potentially due to a miscount or found item — you’re able to adjust your inventory directly from within Sell Treez and sell the product to the customer without issue.

  • Manger PIN for Inventory Adjustments: Selecting this option will require a manager PIN to make any Inventory Adjustments on POS.



Payment Type

This section allows you to enable any payment types you’d like to accept in your shop, choose which types can be used when issuing refunds, and configure pre-tipping for ACH payments.

  • Enabled: To enable a payment type, simply switch the associated toggle to ‘On’.

  • Allow Returns?: By checking this box, the payment type will be enabled for returns and will show as an option in Sell Treez once a return has been initiated.


NOTE: If you already have Treez Rewards enabled, and would like to allow users the ability to refund in rewards dollars, navigate to Configurations > Config Page > Discounts and Rewards > Rewards > and enable the ‘Return in Rewards Dollars?’ settings. To learn more about Treez Rewards, click here.

  • Require Manager PIN for Return?: Checking this setting will require a manager’s PIN in order to process a return.

  • Default Routing Account: For some payment methods, you can select the account that the sales of that payment type will route to once a shift has been closed. To do this, select the appropriate routing account from the drop-down.

  • ACH Settings: To enable ACH pre-tipping, scroll down to the ‘ACH Settings’ section, and check the ‘Ticket Pay Link’ box. Enter a custom message, if desired. After this setting is enabled, when customers are sent the Unicode #${link}, they’ll see an option to give a predefined or custom tip amount.



Customer Management

Shops that are fully adult-use or serve both medical and adult-use customers have the ability to check customers in at the POS, instead of through Intake. If this workflow is enabled in your shop, these settings will tell Treez what to do when a new customer signs up.

  • Always create a profile at POS scan: When an ID is scanned at the POS and the user doesn't exist, create a new customer profile.

  • Only verify age and exp date at POS scan: When an ID is scanned at the POS and the user doesn't exist, verify the ID is valid and the customer is over 21. This will not create a profile for the customer or attach existing customers to a ticket. This is essentially a “No Customer” transaction.

  • Give the option to create a profile or select ‘No Customer’: When an ID is scanned at the POS sales associates will have the option for a profile to be created or select ‘No Customer’ and process the sale.



Abandon Draft and Saved Sales

To help ensure that inventory isn't held captive within incomplete orders, you can configure Treez to automatically release reserved inventory after a specific amount of time (by order type).

Note: This feature requires a manager PIN and should only be enabled outside of business hours. As soon as this setting is enabled, any orders that have been inactive for more than 60 minutes will immediately be abandoned.



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