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SellTreez: All About Transfer Management
SellTreez: All About Transfer Management
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Transfers are limited to 10 inventory items per transfer

The NEW Transfer Management feature in SellTreez allows customers to move (transfer) inventory from their shop to other licensed entities. For larger operators, this feature supports the use of one location as a hub where product can be transferred more easily to other licensed shop locations. Note: The licensed entity or store will still have to accept this transfer and go through the receiving process in Metrc, if applicable, and in Treez to create the invoice.

Transfers are tracked in Treez for inventory and reporting integrity by recording details users can view to accurately track and reference a stage of the inventory lifecycle ensuring compliance. In Metrc states transfers must also be recorded in Metrc with specific details to ensure compliant reporting to regulators; with this new feature manual updating in Metrc is eliminated.

Note: For non-Metrc states an option to print the transfer manifest is now available.


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Transporter Management

Transporter Management allows the user to create their Vehicles, Drivers, and Transporters. Navigate to Inventory > Transporter Management

  • Click on Vehicles and the + sign to add a vehicle

  • Click on Drivers and the + sign to add a driver

  • Click on Transporters and the + sign to add a transporter



Users can initiate a transfer by navigating to Inventory > Transfers

  • Click the + button to start a new transfer

  • Users can transfer an entire package or a partial quantity. If a partial quantity is being transferred or if the package has been sold from, you will need to scan a new package ID. You can either scan the physical Metrc ID tag or you can copy/paste from Metrc directly. Once inventory is added to a Draft transfer, it’ll be moved to the unsellable ‘Awaiting Transfers' location.

  • Fill in the information required and click Initiate Transfer which is found in the lower right-hand corner.

Note: If you want to print labels for the new package tag you’ve created for a transfer read this first before you initiate the transfer.


Note: Users can also use the new ‘Transfers’ option on the Inventory > Inventory Management > Inventory Control page action bar and be taken to the same workflow detailed above.


Once all the required fields are filled out, the user can click Initiate Transfer. This moves the transfer to the Open tab of the Transfers page and, in Metrc states, sends the transfer template to Metrc. If applicable, Treez sends the transfer details to Metrc as a Transfer template.


When the user decides to Use the transfer template in Metrc, all the required fields will be auto filled with the details the user entered on the Transfers screen. This eliminates the need for doubled data entry between the 2 systems and makes reporting a transfer in Metrc easier.


Important Note: Users are strongly advised against editing any transfer details in Metrc because the data will not sync back to Treez and result in mismatched data between the two systems. In Metrc, the user can navigate to their Transfer templates and find the transfer created by Treez.

When the user clicks Use, all the fields will be auto filled so they can proceed to Register Transfer. Once a transfer has been registered in Metrc, the user will need to manually mark it as "Done" in Treez to indicate this action has been taken in Metrc.

If a user in a Metrc state wishes to cancel a transfer, they must do so before registering the transfer. Instead of the Use button, they should click the X directly below it in Metrc. They will also need to mark the Open transfer as Done in Treez. Only users in non-Metrc states have the option to mark an Open transfer as rejected.

In Metrc states, transfers rejected by the receiving license will appear automatically in the ‘Rejected’ tab. In non-Metrc states, the sender will need to manually mark the transfer as rejected from the open transfer page. In both cases, the user will then need to re-accept the rejected inventory in Treez, which will move it back into Inventory Control.

Printing Labels

If a new package was created in the transfer, to avoid re-labeling at the receiving store, the user will need to navigate to Inventory > Inventory Control > ‘Awaiting Transfer' location to print inventory labels for the new package. This needs to happen while the Transfer is still in Draft and the user must print labels configured for the QR code for package labels (there is no Treez inventory barcode). Once they send the transfer template to Metrc so the transfer is in Open status, the package effectively is transferred out of their facility so the inventory will no longer appear in the 'Awaiting Transfer’ location to print labels.

Inventory Log Report

Navigate to Reports > Inventory to view the six new activities on the Inventory Log report which relate to transfers by clicking the blue filter button and then open the 'Activity' dropdown:

  • Transfer - Inventory added to a transfer

  • Transferred - Inventory part of a transfer that was moved to Open

  • Created for Transfer - New package split for transfer

  • Transfer Item Updated - Change to inventory quantity or package label

  • Removed from Transfer - Inventory removed from a Draft transfer

  • Transfer Cancelled - Inventory part of a transfer that was canceled

Error Message and Resolution

Failed to create a new transfer:

Metrc_error:{"errortype":400,"timestamp":"2022-10-04t20:49:4.751z","errorresponse":"failed to reate a new transfer: [{\"row\":0,\"message\":\"recipient license number not specified.\"},{\"row\":0,\"message\":\"transporter facility license number not specified.\"}]","service":"metrc-service","serviceversion":"v2"}

Make sure the entirety of the license is being used. As an illustration and using the example license C9-2145323-LIC, the client only entered C9-2145323 and needed to add the -LIC part to resolve the error.

A "Negative quantity" error will show up if you are attempting to transfer a quantity that would result in a negative METRC quantity. Clients should confirm the current METRC quantity for these packages. Please also note that you should check METRC True up and make any adjustments there first before trying to transfer.


For multi-store operators looking to centralize many of their processes, one retail location that has the space and/or resources can operate as a warehouse-style central hub where a core team can own the process of inventory intake from vendors and closely control the distribution to all the other stores. This can increase the retailer’s purchasing power with distributors by ordering in bulk for all stores which is then shipped to one location. The inventory can be broken down for internal transfers and labeled with new state tracking IDs at this central hub which will help streamline the receiving process at the other locations which can lower labor costs.

For single store operators in Metrc states, the transfers feature can be used when returning product to the distributor. Instead of using the Return to Vendor in Treez which does not affect Metrc, transfers can expedite this process by removing the inventory from both Treez and Metrc once the transfer template is registered in Metrc.

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