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Receiving Inventory in METRC (Incoming Licensed Transfers)
Receiving Inventory in METRC (Incoming Licensed Transfers)
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When you receive incoming inventory, you're performing a METRC transfer in which the distributor transfers ownership of the delivered items to you. If the distributor you're accepting inventory from is also annually-licensed, they'll also be Metrc-enabled. Meaning, you'll simply need to accept the transfer in Metrc and Treez will automatically import all the transaction and product details into your Treez portal.

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Receiving Transfers in METRC

NOTE: It is vital you complete these steps while a distributor representative is present in the event you need to reject any packages or need distributor assistance with the transfer. Receiving a transfer in METRC is also the transfer of custody for all inventory involved, so it's important you and your distributor are on the same page.

Step 1: Log-in to METRC and navigate to Transfers > Licensed > Incoming.


Step 2: Identify the transfer you'd like to import and click Receive on the far right-hand side of the transfer's row.

Note: You can use the dropdown arrow on the far left-hand side of the row to expand the transfer and see information about its contents.

Step 3: In the 'Received License Transfer' modal that opens, verify the following information for each package:

  • Package label is physically present
    To remain compliant, you must always have at least the RFID portion (i.e. the top half) of the METRC package label present with the corresponding inventory. If the RFID-enabled top portion of the package label is not included with the shipment, do not accept the items until the distributor can provide it to you.

    • Note: While most distributors will deliver shipments with the entirety of the package tag included the use of the bottom of the tag is somewhat discretionary and can be used on lab testing or intake paperwork by either the distributor or retailer.

  • Item entered in METRC matches the physical product
    Verify the item on the manifest is accurate and corresponds with the items that are physically present.

  • Quantity entered in METRC matches the physical delivery
    If the distributor has the incorrect quantity entered on the manifest, enter the quantity that is physically present at drop-off in the 'Receive Qty.' field. Don't forget to adjust the 'Wholesale Cost' to reflect any missing units/weight.

    • Note: Use discretion when updating the 'Received Qty' amount. If there's a substantial difference between the quantity listed on the manifest and what's physically delivered, it's in your best interest to reject the entire shipment line and have the vendor create a new manifest that reflects the accurate quantity. Typically, we recommend deciding on a percentage adjustment threshold that you're comfortable with internally to inform those decisions. For example, a delta of 5% or less from what's manifested to what's received can be adjusted.

  • Update Pounds and/or Ounces to Grams
    When you receive a manifest with flower (in CA), those line items will be manifested in the total weight of the package. In the event the line is listed in 'Pounds' or 'Ounces', it's important that you convert that to weight in 'Grams' before hitting 'Receive Transfer'.

  • Physical items have compliant packaging and labeling
    For operators in California, the Department of Public Health has compiled these guides for packaging and labeling requirements. If the packaging or labeling is non-compliant, you should inform the distributor and reject the package.

Note: Use a permanent marker (or extra Treez mini label) to write the item name, quantity, and date received on the RFID Metrc Package Tag being careful not to obstruct the barcode.

Step 4: After verifying all the information above for every package on the manifest, click the green Receive Transfer button at the bottom of the modal.



Importing Transferred Inventory into Treez

Step 5: Log-in to your Treez portal and navigate to Inventory > Purchasing > Invoices

Step 6: Now the manifest is ready to be pulled into Treez through our import inventory from METRC flow.

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