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METRC Basics and Definitions
METRC Basics and Definitions
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What do 'Metrc', 'track and trace', and 'seed to sale' mean?

Metrc stands for "Marijuana Enforcement Tracking Reporting Compliance" and is a state-required system used to monitor the movement and sale of cannabis. Its main goal is to "track and trace" all cannabis products from "seed to sale" and prevent diversion of product into the unregulated market. It also encourages accountability and responsible business practices by all operators in the commercial cannabis supply chain.

Do I have to use Metrc?

All annual licensees are required to use Metrc to record and report their inventories and activities. This includes received inventory, inventory reconciliations and discrepancies, sales, returns, etc. Temporary licensees are not required to use Metrc, but once an annual license is granted and paid for the operator has 30 days to become Metrc compliant.

Who can access Metrc?

Only operators who have been granted a permanent annual license and paid their licensing fees are able to access Metrc. Though there is no limit to the number of users who can access a licensees Metrc system, licensees are required to appoint an Account Manager who will legally represent the business and be required to complete mandatory training on the system

Licensees are responsible for all data entered into the system by their staff, so we recommend giving access sparingly to reduce errors. Learn more about adding employees.

How does Treez upload my sales data to Metrc?

Every time an order is completed, Treez will automatically send transaction details to Metrc through our Metrc API integration β€” eliminating the need for manual entry.

What are 'tags'?

Tags (also known as or can be referred to as package tags and/or state tracking ID) are unique identifiers (UID) that Metrc uses to track cannabis products. Licensees are responsible for assigning a tag to each package in their inventory.

Once an annual license is granted and paid for, the licensee will gain access to Metrc and be able to order tags through the portal. The tags have been factored into the licensing fees, so they will be provided at no cost to the licensee. You will need at least one tag for each product in your store, and will not be able to sell products without a tag assigned to it, so we recommend ordering generously.

What is a 'package'?

Packages are how cannabis products are organized in Metrc, often understood in the context of physical shipments of inventory. Every package must have a Metrc tag physically attached to the box the inventory items are delivered in and have the tag associated with the inventory in Metrc. Packages shouldn't be confused with products, as each product can have multiple packages. (e.g. A box of Valhalla CBD gummies delivered on 1/1/2019 and a box of Valhalla CBD gummies delivered 2/1/2019 would be distinct packages with their own package tags but are the same product.)

What is a 'manifest'?

A manifest contains all the information about the packages in a transfer. As a retailer, you'll typically be accepting manifests from distributors in Metrc. Similar to a packing slip, manifests should include:

    • Names, types, and tags of the products

    • Amount of the products, by weight or count, and total sale or price wholesale cost of the cannabis goods, as applicable

    • Date and time of the transaction, including estimated departure and arrival time

    • Name and license number of licensees involved in the transaction (originating, transporting, and destination)

    • Vehicle and driver information

If the distributor you're receiving packages from is operating under a temporary license and not using Metrc yet, you'll need to create and accept this manifest manually in Metrc.

What is a 'transfer'?

Transfers refer to the movement of packages (cannabis product) from one licensee to another including delivering product to a dispensary, returning products to vendors, transfers to other stores, etc. These can only be performed by a Laboratory licensee for testing, or by a Distributor licensee. (e.g. A transfer delivering a shipment of tinctures to a dispensary for sale must be performed by an operator with a distribution license. A transfer bringing a shipment of edibles to a lab for testing must be performed by an operator with a laboratory license. Neither of these transfers can legally be performed without the appropriate license.) When you receive inventory at a dispensary, the distributor transfers the packages to you. Note: You can never transfer a package that you have made sales from.

What is an 'item'?

Metrc tracks inventory under parents called 'Items', which are essentially the same concept as Treez 'Products'. Metrc items allow you to enter information about a specific product one time and then use that shell information to intake inventory with consistent product details. You can build Metrc items by following the instructions here.

How can I contact Metrc and the Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC)?

You can contact Metrc at [email protected] and the BCC at [email protected]. If you take a significant action in Metrc (e.g. a mistake, or a large-scale adjustment), it's best practice to contact the Metrc and the BCC to notify them of the error in good faith and (if needed) ask for their recommendation on how to resolve the error. By being transparent with regulators, it communicates that you aren't attempting to divert inventory or engage in non-compliant behavior, and that is was simply a human error.

  • When you contact them, include this information:

    • Business Name

    • Operator License #

    • Date and Time of issue

    • Date and Time of resolution (if applicable)

  • If the issue is related to a transfer also include:

    • Transfer #

    • Originating Licensee Name and License #

    • Received Date and Time

    • Package #(s) affected

    • Item name(s) affected

  • If the issue is related to a sale or return, also include:

    • Metrc Sale ID

    • Date and Time of transaction

    • Customer Type

    • Patient ID # (if applicable)

    • Caregiver ID # (if applicable)

    • Package #(s) affected

    • Item name(s) affected

    • Amount and UOM of packages included in the transaction

  • If the issue is related to an adjustment, also include:

    • Package #(s) affected

    • Item name(s) affected

    • Date and Time of adjustment

    • Original quantity and new quantity


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