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Using METRC - Transfers
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To complete a transfer from a temporary licensed distributor, what information needs to be on the manifest?

To be considered compliant, all the information shown on the California External Transfer form is required to be printed on the manifest (Employee ID, drivers license #, phone number, car make/model, license plate, est. departure & arrival time, planned route etc.).

If the manifest is missing information, contact the distributor to email you an updated manifest. Print and sign the updated manifest, save a copy for your records, and give a copy to the Distributor to return to the manufacturer.

We recommend contacting a temporary licensed distributor ahead of receiving the shipment and inform that what information is required on the manifest. This ensures their manifest will be correct for each shipment going forward. Read more about creating Incoming External Transfers.

What price should I enter for a package Metrc?

In the ‘Wholesale (whsle.) Price’ field, enter the total wholesale cost of all goods in the package. You can usually find this information on the manifest. For example, if you bought 20 Select Hybrid Cartridges at $5 apiece, you’d enter $100 in this field.

If I made an error on an Incoming External Transfer and completed it, what should I do?

Once a transfer is completed, the Metrc user interface doesn’t allow you to edit it. That’s why it’s essential you double-check before you complete a transfer. However, you can still rectify certain issues.

  • Incorrect package quantity: If you notice the error before you import the invoice into Treez, adjust the package quantity in your Metrc portal. If you've already imported the invoice into Treez, complete the transfer and then adjust the quantity on the Inventory Adjustment page.

  • Incorrect Category or UOM: If you selected a weight- or volume-based Item category instead of the Each version of the Item, e.g. selecting 'Edible' instead of 'Edible (volume - each)' or 'Extract' instead of 'Extract (weight - each)', you should adjust the package down to 0, and then remanifest the package correctly.

To be as transparent as possible with regulators about your error, you can also email Metrc and the BCC. Be sure to include the following information:

  • License #

  • Transfer #

  • Originating License #

  • Received Date + Time

  • Package #(s) affected

  • Item name(s) affected

  • Name and employee ID of the person who made the error.

  • Description of the issue


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