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SellTreez: All About Compliance Management - METRC
SellTreez: All About Compliance Management - METRC
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The Compliance Management module gives you insight into your Metrc integration and allows you to action on any sales or inventory discrepancies to bring your shop back into compliance.

The Treez integration with Metrc sends sales and adjustments (aka ‘tasks’) made in your Treez portal to Metrc in real time via the Application Programming Interface (API). The Metrc API allows communication between Treez and Metrc but when the API is down, Metrc becomes unable to accept tasks sent from Treez.

The Metrc Control page allows you to see a list of tasks sent by Treez, including any that need your attention in order to be recorded successfully in Metrc.

Once all sales and adjustments have been resolved, there may still be packages with inventory quantities still out of sync between Treez and Metrc. These can be ‘trued-up’ on the Metrc True Up page, where you can easily adjust Metrc quantities to match Treez quantities.

NOTE: This module allows users to make changes to Metrc, which can have significant compliance implications. We strongly recommend granting access sparingly and only to users who have a thorough understanding of how to perform the workflows.

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Navigating the Compliance Management Module

Navigating Metrc Control

Metrc Control shows you a table of all the sales and adjustments sent from your Treez portal to Metrc. Each one of these is called a ‘task’, and some require action to be resent to Metrc.

NOTE: Due to how Metrc receives data, sales are sent by each individual ticket line, not as an entire sale.


Above the main table are 4 tabs. Each tab shows sales and adjustments in different send statuses. The tab you're currently viewing is underlined in red.

  • To Do (Error): Sent from Treez, but not successfully received by Metrc due to an error.

  • In Progress: Currently sending from Treez to Metrc.

  • Done: Tasks successfully received by Metrc, and also includes any Errors you Dismissed from the To Do tab.

  • All: Displays all tasks from Treez in all statuses.



Each row on the table is a sale, return, or adjustment that was sent to Metrc and includes details about each task in the various columns.

  • Type: Sale or Adjustment

  • Sell Treez Timestamp: When the sale or adjustment took place

  • Metrc Label: Metrc package label

  • Count (Weight/Volume): Number of units included in the task

  • Product Type: Category of the product

  • Brand: Brand name

  • Name: Product name

  • Treez Ticket: Sale ID #, if applicable

  • Adjustment Reason: The selected reason for adjustment, if applicable

  • Adjustment Note: Entered note on the adjustment, if applicable

  • Send Status: Status of the task's send to Metrc

  • Error Message: Error message returned from Metrc, if applicable

  • Internal Note: Option to add or edit an internal note about each sale or adjustment

Results are sorted based on timestamp, and the sort can be reversed by clicking the arrow in the ‘Sell Treez Timestamp’ column.

When in the 'To Do' tab, you also have the ability to select a task by clicking the checkbox on the far left-hand side of the row or select all tasks on all pages by clicking the checkbox on the header row.


Action Bar

The bar displayed across the bottom of the screen shows the number of tasks selected on the left-hand side.

On the right-hand side of the bar, are buttons to action on your tasks:

  • If no tasks are selected, a green Send ALL to Metrc button is available. Clicking this sends all tasks on all pages to Metrc.

  • If any tasks are selected, a blue Send to Metrc button and a gray Dismiss button are available. Clicking Send to Metrc will send only the selected tasks to Metrc, and clicking Dismiss will move only the selected tasks to the Done tab.

    NOTE: You cannot undo a Dismissal! Make sure you verify this action carefully before taking it.



  • Type: Select what type of task (Sales or Adjustments) to display, or display All.

  • License: Use the License filter to select which license's inventory is displayed and available to action on.

  • Date/Time: Select a date and time range for the displayed tasks.



Click the three dots in the upper right-hand corner of the screen to export the transactions. There are three options for what is included in the export. You can choose to:

  • Export All

  • Export Sales

  • Export Adjustments



Navigating Metrc True Up

Even after all your sales and adjustments have been sent to Metrc, there may still be outstanding inventory discrepancies where the quantity in Metrc and the quantity in Treez are mismatched. The Metrc True Up page allows you to easily adjust Metrc package counts to match the quantity in Treez.


Each row on the table is a package with a discrepancy between Treez and Metrc. The total number of discrepancies is also displayed in a red bubble on the Metrc True Up tab.


  • License: Use the License filter to select which license's inventory is displayed and available to action on.


Click the three dots in the upper right-hand corner of the screen to export the adjustments. There are two options for how the export is formatted.

  • CSV: This format includes the same columns as the main table on the True Up page.
    Tip: This format can be useful for record-keeping so you have a history of what was included in a true-up.

  • Metrc Upload: This format is designed to be uploaded directly into the Metrc portal using the CSV Upload option.

If you send the adjustments from the True Up page, you do not need to upload the CSV manually as well — doing so will create discrepancies. Skip to Performing a True Up for more details.



Metrc Control

There are two possible reasons for task errors, and you’ll resolve each differently.

  1. API Error: When the Metrc API is down or has other connection issues, Treez cannot successfully send sales or adjustments. These will need to be resent when the API is available.

  2. Data Error: A sale or adjustment may also encounter an error being sent to Metrc if the details of the transaction are incorrect or missing. (e.g. a Patient ID with special characters)

NOTE: The Metrc Error Glossary is a great resource and can help you figure out errors quickly.

Resolving sales and adjustments that encountered errors when being sent to Metrc is a three-part process. You’ll first resend all pending tasks to Metrc, and then download the remaining sales and adjustments as separate CSVs and manually upload them into Metrc after resolving any missing or incorrect details.

We recommend following the process below on a daily basis as part of End of Day procedures. Addressing errors as they occur keeps you in compliance and allows you to quickly identify discrepancies that require your attention.


Preparing for Resend

NOTE: It’s critical that you verify any adjustments on the Metrc Control page haven’t been recorded in Metrc before trying to resend them. An adjustment may display an error in Treez when it was in fact successfully uploaded to Metrc due to limitations on how Metrc reports data back to POS systems. Because of this, it’s vital that you check the package history before resending to prevent sending a duplicate adjustment.

Step 1: Navigate to Inventory > Compliance Management > Metrc Control. Set the ‘Type’ filter to Adjustment.

Step 2: Copy the first result’s package number from the ‘Metrc Label’ column.
Tip: Hover your cursor over the Label number to copy with a single click.


Step 3: Open a new tab or window, and navigate to Metrc. Log in, and click Packages > Active.


Step 4: In the ‘Tag’ column, click the vertical 3 dots and then click Filter. Set the filter dropdown to ‘Ends with’ and enter the package ID into the text box. Click the orange Filter button.


Step 5: On the far left-hand side of the package’s row, click the arrow to expand the package’s details.

Step 6: Click on the History tab and click the ‘Date’ column once to sort the actions on the package.


Step 7: Scroll through the package’s history in Metrc until the date and time in the ‘Sell Treez Timestamp’ column in Metrc Control.

Step 8: If you identify an adjustment from Metrc Control on the package’s history in Metrc that matches (same date/time and count), check the box on the package’s row and click Dismiss.
If there is no matching adjustment in the Metrc package history, do not Dismiss the adjustment, and continue with the next steps.

NOTE: You cannot undo a Dismissal! Make sure you verify this action carefully before taking it.

Repeat Steps 1 - 8 for every adjustment listed on the Metrc Control page before proceeding with the steps below.


Resending Tasks from Metrc Control

Step 10: Navigate to Inventory > Compliance Management > Metrc Control and reset the 'Type' filter to ALL.

Step 11: Verify that Metrc is online by confirming the Metrc API Status indicator at the top of the page is green. If the indicator shows that the Metrc API is offline (red icon) you won’t be able to proceed with resending any transactions because they won’t be able to be received by Metrc.

Step 12: Click the green Send ALL to Metrc button in the lower right-hand corner.

The page will reload after all sales and adjustments are resent.

NOTE: If there are any tasks remaining on the page, review them carefully by following the steps in Troubleshooting Tasks Stuck on Metrc Control. They may require manual correction and upload into Metrc.


Metrc True Up

After you have resolved all the sales and adjustments, you may still have inventory count discrepancies on packages. The Metrc True Up page is where you can ‘true-up’ a package, meaning you’ll adjust the package’s quantity in Metrc to match the quantity recorded in Treez.

NOTE: Before performing a true-up, it’s critical the counts in Treez are correct so the packages are adjusted to the correct quantity. For maximum accuracy, perform a count of the physical inventory and make any necessary adjustments in Treez before truing-up any packages.

Performing a True Up

Step 1: Navigate to Inventory > Compliance Management > Metrc True Up.

Step 2: Select the packages you’ll adjust by checking the box on the left-hand side of each row or select all by checking the box on the header row.

NOTE: Any packages with outstanding sales or transactions that have not yet been received by Metrc or dismissed in Treez will not be able to be selected. This is to prevent creating additional discrepancies once the sales or adjustments are sent or uploaded successfully.

Step 3: Choose the option from the ‘Adjustment Reason’ dropdown on each row that best describes the cause of the discrepancy. Or, you can use the ‘Adjustment Reason’ dropdown on the header row to apply the same reason to all packages.

Step 4: Add notes to each adjustment by clicking the Note icon. Metrc requires some adjustment reasons to have an accompanying note — if a note is required, the icon will be highlighted red until a note is entered.

Step 5: Click the Send Selected to Metrc button. This adjusts all the selected packages’ Metrc quantity to the quantity in Treez.

NOTE: If you see that a package is grayed out, you will need to look at the Metrc control To Do tab and resolve the outstanding tasks related to that package by either dismissing the adjustment or following the steps to upload stuck sales to Metrc.

To permanently hide a package from the True Up tab for packages that have been transferred out of a facility in Metrc you can click the 3 dots on the package's line.


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