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SellTreez: Navigating Metrc True Up
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Navigating Metrc True Up

Even after all your sales and adjustments have been sent to Metrc, there may still be outstanding inventory discrepancies where the quantity in Metrc and the quantity in Treez are mismatched. The Metrc True Up page allows you to efficiently adjust Metrc package counts to match the quantity in Treez.

Navigate to Inventory > Compliance Management > Metrc True Up Tab



Each row on the table is a package with a discrepancy between Treez and Metrc. The total number of discrepancies is also displayed in a red bubble on the Metrc True Up tab.


  • License: Use the License filter to select which license's inventory is displayed and available to action on.


Click the three dots in the upper right-hand corner of the screen to export the adjustments. There are two options for how the export is formatted.

  • CSV: This format includes the same columns as the main table on the True Up page.
    ​Tip: This format can be useful for record-keeping so you have a history of what was included in a true-up.

  • Metrc Upload: This format is designed to be uploaded directly into the Metrc portal using the CSV Upload option.

If you send the adjustments from the True Up page, you do not need to upload the CSV manually as well β€” doing so will create discrepancies. Skip to Performing a True Upfor more details.

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