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How Does the METRC Delivery Feature Work with True Up?
How Does the METRC Delivery Feature Work with True Up?
Written by Treez Admin
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Please Note: This article pertains to the METRC Delivery functionality in the Latest Version of Treez, available in:

  • California

  • Massachusetts (Adult Use Only)

  • New Jersey

  • Nevada


How does the METRC Delivery feature work with True Up? Will there be discrepancies?


No changes to the True Up workflow are introduced by the METRC Delivery feature. Using the METRC delivery feature properly will help ensure no discrepancies are created between METRC inventory and Treez inventory. When Treez submits the delivery orders to METRC, the inventory is "reserved" in both METRC and Treez. When the order is completed and subsequent METRC delivery is completed, the inventory will be deducted from both Treez and METRC.

If an order is cancelled through the fulfillment dashboard, this will also be reported to METRC and will cancel the associated delivery.

Please Note: If a change needs to be made to a delivery order, updates to METRC must also be made, and this is manual. Best practice is if a change to an order must be made when it is in the "Out for Delivery" status, cancel the order and make a new one.

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