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All About the METRC Delivery Feature (CA Only)
All About the METRC Delivery Feature (CA Only)

Learn all about the METRC Delivery feature from Treez as it relates to the California market.

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Please Note: This article relates to the METRC Delivery Feature in the following markets:

  • California

For more information about METRC Delivery outside of California, see our METRC Delivery (Excluding CA) article here.

The new CA Delivery feature accommodates the California Cannabis Delivery Ledger regulations. Treez has integrated METRC reporting directly into the Fulfillment Workflow, allowing the system to maintain its Product Taxonomy while adding compliance reporting elements specific to California's unique regulatory environment.

Customers can request this feature by contacting Treez Support and we will set this up for you.

Before you request this feature, please ensure that you have:

  • Generated an METRC API Key with all permissions checked in the METRC UI

Please Note: If you have multiple stores using the same METRC API key and the API key is regenerated, you will need to update that API Key in each store to avoid interruption in your METRC reporting and related functionality.

  • Added the "Handle Deliveries" permission to roles associated with your delivery drivers and adding the following require fields to each user who will be performing deliveries:

    • Name

    • Employee Number

    • Driver's License number

    • DL expiration date

    • Phone number

Need help updating your roles and user in preparation for METRC Delivery? See our How To Enable Delivery Driver Permissions for METRC Delivery article!

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Set Up

Once METRC Delivery has been enabled, the client will need to ensure its METRC integration settings are correct and that their license is updated and matches the Latest Version of Treez store record in Organization Settings.

Configure Vehicles

The next step will require that you add vehicles and vehicle information in the config page under the “Delivery” module. Navigate to Configuration > Config Page > Delivery and click the Orange Plus Button to add your vehicle(s).

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Configure Users

You will now need to provider your users the "Handle Delivery" permission for them to show up as available drivers when grouping a delivery. You can set up your drivers as follows:

  • Add the Sell Treez > Misc > Handle Deliveries permission to the role(s) your drivers are assigned in Role Management

  • Create or Update your drivers in User Management and ensure they have the following information in their profile:

    • Name

    • Employee Number

    • Driver's License number

    • DL expiration date

    • Phone number

Need help updating your roles and user in preparation for METRC Delivery? See our How To Enable Delivery Driver Permissions for METRC Delivery article!

Create Grouped Orders

The METRC Delivery feature allows users to create delivery groups in the Fulfillment Dashboard which will represent a "Ledger" in METRC. A delivery group and METRC Ledger consists of 1 or more deliveries.

In order to create group orders and report delivery sales to METRC follow the steps outlined below:

  • Navigate to Retail > Fulfillment Dashboard

  • Select the “Group for Delivery” button in the top right corner which will launch a New Group Delivery

  • Within the new modal:

    • Select the desired delivery orders for grouping using the checkbox

      • (Note: only Packed & Ready delivery orders are selectable)

    • Select the driver and vehicle from the dropdown (these will auto populate)

    • Select “Group” to create new delivery group - this will surface as a stacked card on the Fulfillment Dashboard

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Edit or Delete Group Orders


A group can be edited any time before sending to METRC. To do this, simply click on the stacked group order from the Fulfillment Dashboard. From here the same group modal will launch where Packed & Ready orders can be added and notes, driver info, and vehicle info can be updated.

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Please Note: Individual orders cannot be removed from a group delivery at this time. See delete instructions below.


In event an order needs to be removed or the user wishes to delete the entire group, they can delete the order via the delivery group modal. They can perform this at any time prior to creating the order in METRC by selecting the group card from Fulfillment and hitting “Delete.”

Send Orders to METRC

Send to METRC

Once the order is ready to depart the facility, the user will select the group card (same as above), verify the grouped order appear correct, and hit “Create in METRC.” This will both move the group to Out for Delivery and create the delivery group in the METRC manifest under status = “departed.” This can be searched in the client’s METRC portal under “Deliveries” > “Active

Please Note: Once an order is created in METRC, edits to and order in Treez will not be edited in METRC. If edits are necessary, users will need to make the adjustments in both Treez and the METRC portal.

Complete Orders

To complete orders within a group, the user must select the group fulfillment card (in Out for Delivery) and launch the group modal. From here, a user can select the desired order and hit “Complete Order,” launching SellTreez POS. Once “paid” and “Complete” the individual order will be removed from the group and populate under “Complete” in fulfillment. After all individual orders have been completed, the group card will no longer be present. Completed METRC delivery sales can be viewed in the client’s METRC portal under “Deliveries” > “Inactive.”

Cancel Orders

If after an order moves to Out for Delivery, the order cannot be completed for any reason, that order can be canceled in Treez as long as the delivery group is still in Out for Delivery status. From inside the group modal, a user can click the desired order and hit the "Cancel Order" button, which will remove the order from the group and cancel it. This action will be reported to METRC automatically, removing the canceled order from its associated ledger in METRC. Removing an order from the METRC ledger in this manner will return all inventory from that order back to the retailer's facility.

Closing Delivery Groups

Once a delivery group is moved to Out for Delivery, the group can no longer be edited, the individual orders within the group can only be completed or canceled. As the individual orders are completed or canceled, those orders will be removed from the group and the group will be updated in the Out for Delivery column of the Fulfillment Dashboard to show the number of orders remaining in the group. Upon completing or canceling the last remaining order in any group, that group will automatically be closed and it will be removed from the fulfillment screen. This final action will also be reported to METRC, which will complete the delivery ledger.

Errors from METRC

If delivery group is rejected by METRC with an error, after Treez attempts to create a ledger, the group will automatically be pushed back to Packed & Ready. The failed group will have a red sidebar and clicking into the group will display the error message from METRC at the top. This group will now be in a draft state and can be edited to make any necessary adjustments.

Please note: this group has NOT been created in METRC at this point. It can be edited or deleted and recreated, and the orders / items on them can be edited as well.

Once the error(s) has been addressed, this group can be tried again by using the ‘Send to METRC’ function as described above.

Known Limitations:

  • METRC Delivery is not intended to support the Dynamic Delivery (also known as Ice Cream Truck) delivery model.

  • METRC Delivery feature is not available in all markets.

  • METRC Delivery is not available to partners via external API.

  • Delivery Groups created in Treez will not create groups in Onfleet.

  • METRC Delivery does not currently allow for adjustments to orders after being sent to METRC (After the "Send to METRC button is clicked and the orders have moved to "Out for Delivery" status). Any adjustments to the orders need to be made both in Treez and in METRC to avoid creating discrepancies.

  • Orders moved to Out For Delivery via POS instead of fulfillment will not create a METRC manifest and will not be reported to METRC. Ensure you only move orders to Out For Delivery using the Fulfillment Dashboard.

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