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How To Enable Delivery Driver Permissions for METRC Delivery
How To Enable Delivery Driver Permissions for METRC Delivery

Self-service enablement of Delivery Driver Permissions for use with METRC Delivery is now available in the Latest Version of Treez.

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Please Note: This article pertains to the METRC Delivery functionality in the Latest Version of Treez, available in:

  • California

  • Massachusetts (Adult Use Only)

  • New Jersey

  • Nevada

The following steps must be completed to enable the Handle Deliveries permissions which allows a Treez user to be listed as a Driver when using the new METRC Delivery feature. Learn more about this feature in these articles:

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New or Existing Roles

A new permission named "Handle Deliveries" has been added to to Role Management to enable roles to be designated as drivers within the Latest Version of Treez. Find this permission under SellTreez > Misc.

Enabling the SellTreez > Misc > Handle Deliveries permission will allow users within this role to show up as an available driver for the METRC Delivery functionality.

The SellTreez > Misc > Handle Deliveries permission requires that users have 4 specified User fields filled out in User Management. These fields can be added to the user profile before or after the permission is added to the users role. If the fields were previously filled out in the user profile, users must edit the user and resave the user profile for the permission to take effect.

  • Driver License

  • Driver License Exp Date

  • Phone

  • Employee Number

The SellTreez > Misc > Handle Deliveries permission in Role Management includes a new information icon () next to it. Hovering over the information icon produces a tooltip with information about the user fields required by this permission.

Adding the SellTreez > Misc > Handle Deliveries to a Role in Role Management will produce a popup upon saving, informing the user that they are adding a permission to a role that has required User fields. Clicking “Yes, Proceed” will save the role as normal.

Clicking on “Cancel” or the X icon in the top right will simply close the popup and will not save the changes but will also not navigate the user away from the Role Edit flow. They will either have to remove the checked permission from the role to proceed and click “Finish” again to save the role without the Handle Deliveries permisson or click "Finish" and then click “Yes, Proceed” to save the role with the SellTreez > Misc > Handle Deliveries permission.

Please Note: Adding this permission to a role with users who DO NOT have the required fields filled out will have no direct effect, this pop up is informative to direct customers to make the appropriate changes. They can navigate to User Management and use the Role filter there to see which users are in the role they just updated and check that the users have the appropriate required fields enabled.

Creating or Editing Users

Creating or editing a user who is assigned to a role with the SellTreez > Misc > Handle Deliveries WILL require that the required fields on the User Profile are filled out before allowing the user to be saved.

When a role that has a permission with required fields, such as Handle Deliveries, an information box will display under the role drop down informing the user that this role has permissions which require user fields and will display which user fields are required.

When attempting to save a user without entering the fields, validations will display on the screen informing the user of the missing required fields and the user will not be updated or saved.

Once the user's role has been updated with the Handle Deliveries permission and the user(s) have been saved with the the required fields, the user is ready to be added as a Driver when using the METRC Delivery feature.

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