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SellTreez: Performing a Metrc True Up
SellTreez: Performing a Metrc True Up
Written by Treez Admin
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To perform a Metrc True Up navigate to Inventory > Compliance Management > Metrc True Up

  • Select the packages you’ll adjust by checking the box on the left-hand side of each row or select all by checking the box on the header row.

NOTE: Any packages with outstanding sales or transactions that have not yet been received by Metrc or dismissed in Treez will not be able to be selected. This is to prevent creating additional discrepancies once the sales or adjustments are sent or uploaded successfully.

  • Choose the option from the ‘Adjustment Reason’ dropdown on each row that best describes the cause of the discrepancy. Or, you can use the ‘Adjustment Reason’ dropdown on the header row to apply the same reason to all packages.

  • Add notes to each adjustment by clicking the Note icon. Metrc requires some adjustment reasons to have an accompanying note — if a note is required, the icon will be highlighted red until a note is entered.

  • Click the Send Selected to Metrc button. This adjusts all the selected packages’ Metrc quantity to the quantity in Treez.

NOTE: If you see that a package is grayed out you will need to look at the Metrc control error tab and resolve the outstanding tasks related to that package by either dismissing the adjustment or following the steps to upload stuck sales to Metrc.

To permanently hide a package from the True Up tab for packages that have been transferred out of a facility in Metrc you can click the 3 dots on the package line.

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