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SellTreez: Using Treez with METRC
SellTreez: Using Treez with METRC
Written by Treez Admin
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Why do I need to use Treez inventory barcodes?

Each Metrc tag is associated with a specific batch of that product. It's assigned to the item at the time of creation (or when the item is added to Metrc for starting inventory) and is carried through the product's lifecycle. Manufacturer barcodes usually remain the same for each item, carrying insufficient information for Metrc.

Treez barcodes are unique and associated with each item's package tag, so when you scan an item with a Treez barcode, the transaction will be recorded on the proper Metrc package. (e.g. You have multiple packages of Kiva Milk Chocolate bars and want to sell one. Scanning the manufacturer barcode on one of the bars will tell you what the item is, but does not include other required Metrc information — most importantly, which package the individual chocolate bar originated from. With a Treez barcode, scanning the chocolate bar will automatically recognize which package the item came from.)

I'm selling stock from multiple shipments at once. How do I know I’m selecting the right package at POS?

Assuming each unit is labeled with a Treez retail barcode that gets scanned at the point of sale, you never need to worry about what package you’re selling from. Since we automatically associate each Treez SKU with its originating Metrc package tag, every time a Treez label is scanned, we’ll know exactly which package it came from — no guesswork required.

In the event, you manually added an item to the cart (i.e you didn’t scan the barcode) and you have multiple packages of the same product available in your inventory at once, we’ll display a pop-up in SellTreez that prompts sales associates to select the correct package the item is associated with. However, this process should be a last resort as manual input errors are more likely with this workflow.

How quickly does Treez upload sales to Metrc?

California regulations require sales to be uploaded within 24 hours, but Treez pushes sales data to Metrc in real-time. If Metrc experiences an issue (such as an outgate or slowed performance) it may block sales from being uploaded. In these cases, Treez safely stores your sales data within Trace Treez — our own intermediate traceability layer. From here, we’ll automatically retry uploading your sales every couple of minutes until Metrc accepts them, ensuring you're always in compliance.

How quickly does Treez upload inventory adjustments to Metrc?

Metrc requires you to perform a full inventory reconciliation once every 30 days. When you submit inventory counts they’ve through the Inventory Adjustment page Treez will immediately push the inventory adjustments to Metrc. Do not make any manual inventory adjustments in the Metrc portal, as this will cause a discrepancy between the systems. If you routinely perform cycle counts (highly recommended) and are submitting counts by product category on a daily/weekly basis, this will fulfill the rolling 30-day reconciliation requirement.

The only type of adjustment that doesn’t require action to be taken through the Inventory Adjustment page in order to be sent to Metrc is the destruction of a returned cannabis product. By law, any returned cannabis items must be destroyed (and it's best practice to do this on camera) and cannot be resold. In Treez, any customer returns will automatically populate in the ‘POS Return’ location within Inventory Control and can be destroyed from there. When an item has been destroyed, the action will automatically be sent to Metrc without requiring any additional adjustment in Metrc.


How quickly will Metrc packages become available in Treez?

As soon as you ‘receive’ a licensed transfer or ‘complete’ an incoming external transfer in Metrc, those packages can immediately be imported into Treez.


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