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SellTreez: Setting up Treez and Metrc
SellTreez: Setting up Treez and Metrc
Written by Treez Admin
Updated over a week ago

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What's an API key? How do I generate one?

Your API Key allows Treez to automatically communicate specific actions to/from Metrc. Metrc Admins can generate an API Key by logging into Metrc and clicking on the dropdown arrow (next to their username) in the upper right-hand corner of the screen and then selecting API Keys > Generate. Copy the API Key and log in to Treez. Navigate to Configuration > Config Page > Integration > State Tracking and past the API Key in the 'State Tracking User Key' field.

NOTE: Once the API Key is generated and shared with Treez, it should never be changed. Updating your API Key without warning will break the Treez and Metrc integration and will prevent all sales and inventory adjustments made in Treez from being sent to Metrc.


How do I export a list of package tags?

To export a list of Available/Used/Voided package tags, log into Metrc and navigate to Admin > Tags > Available (Used/Voided tabs), then click on the printer icon and select Excel. A list of available package tags is needed for Treez to automate your Starting Inventory upload.

  • Available: These are all unused UIDs that are ready and waiting to be assigned to inventory shipments.

  • Used: These are package tags that have already been used and are either currently in use or inactive (i.e. finished).

  • Voided: Any tags that have been discontinued/voided will appear here. These may or may not have been in use at one point or another.


How will Treez help me migrate over onto Metrc?

Please note: This process may not apply in every Metrc market. Treez recommends customers always learn the Metrc ecosystem and become familiar with workflows.

Once you’ve received your permanent annual license and ordered your tags, we’ll be working closely with you during the first 30-days to prepare your starting inventory for Metrc. Here's an overview of what this process looks like:


  1. Start performing pre-counts of your inventory to make your full count faster and easier.

  2. Label all cannabis items with Treez inventory labels for optimal inventory tracking accuracy. Why?

  3. Check product details for accuracy in Product Management to ensure the information that's brought into Metrc is correct.

  4. Share the API key and package tag export (instructions above) with your Implementation Specialist.

Night of Migration:

  1. Perform a final inventory count after the close of business and enter any adjustments into Treez. Once that's complete, give us the green light to begin the migration, and we'll be off to the races!

  2. Treez will use the package tag export you provided us to assign package tags to shipments of inventory in your Treez portal.

  3. Treez will use the same export to create your starting inventory of packages, items, and strains in Metrc.

Will I need to resticker my entire inventory during the Metrc Set-up?

Nope! When we go through the process of preparing your starting inventory, we'll create a unique relationship between a Treez Barcode and Metrc package tag for each inventory item. This means when you scan a barcode at check out, we'll know exactly what Metrc package it's associated with — allowing us to send clean, compliant sales data to Metrc.

Beyond your starting inventory, it’s imperative that every new unit added to your inventory is properly labeled with a Treez retail barcode. Without it, you'll need to manually select which package the item originated from, which will inevitably lead to inventory discrepancies in Metrc. Wouldn’t want to be flagged for an audit!


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