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SellTreez: All About Trace Treez
SellTreez: All About Trace Treez
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What's Trace Treez?

In the absence of Metrc or other state tracking systems, Treez tracks the inventory that's transferred between cultivators, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers using inventory information already in the Treez portal. This system, called Trace Treez, allows us to provide unique insights into the cannabis supply chain and will help inform your purchasing decisions going forward. Because Trace Treez closely mirrors the workflows required by state track and trace systems, like Metrc, it also offers an exclusive opportunity for operators to prepare themselves for the inventory management procedures enforced by the state in a lower-stakes environment.


What is a Trace Treez ID?

Similar to Metrc’s use of package IDs, Treez is able to track inventory movement through unique identifiers called 'Trace Treez IDs'. Each physical shipment of product will be assigned a Trace Treez ID, which will be linked to the inventory barcode that each product is stickered with during intake. Using this barcode, Treez can easily discern which shipment an item originated from when it's scanned at the Point of Sale or in Inventory Management.


Why do I need to use Treez labels?

Each Trace Treez ID is associated with a specific batch of that product. It's assigned to the item during when receiving an invoice and is carried through the inventory’s lifecycle. Manufacturer barcodes usually remain the same for each item, carrying insufficient information for inventory batch tracking.

Treez barcodes are unique and associated with each shipment, so when you scan an item with a Treez barcode, the transaction will be recorded on the proper batch. (e.g. You have multiple packages of Kiva Milk Chocolate bars and want to sell one. Scanning the manufacturer barcode on one of the bars will tell you what the item is but does not include inventory-level information — most importantly, which batch the individual chocolate bar originated from. With a Treez barcode, scanning the chocolate bar will automatically recognize which batch the item came from.)


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