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SellTreez: All About Inventory Adjustment
SellTreez: All About Inventory Adjustment
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Performing routine inventory counts are a necessity when it comes to running a compliant dispensary. Regular counts ensure better reporting, cleaner bookkeeping, and proper management of your inventory.

This process is even more significant if you're Metrc-enabled, as performing a full inventory audit and reporting adjustments is a monthly compliance requirement (in CA).

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Navigating the Inventory Adjustment Page

The Inventory Adjustment page shows a table of all inventory at the package level. You can click the drill-down arrow (>) on the far left-hand side of any row to view and adjust the individual batches in that package. Alternatively, you can click the double-arrow icon (directly below the beverage icon) to expand or collapse all rows at once.


Filters and Search

The search bar and filters are displayed across the top of the page.

Search allows you to find inventory by batch ID, barcode, brand, product name, and the State Tracking ID or TraceTreez ID.

Additional filters include:

  • Product Type: Click the icons for the product type(s) you'd like shown on this page. (If none are selected, all inventory will be included.)

  • Location: Select which location’s inventory to display.

  • In Stock Packages/Out of Stock Packages: Toggle to filter by inventory status.

  • License: If your shop has inventory from separate licenses, select which license's inventory to display.


Columns and Sorting

Clicking the wheel icon will allow you to select which columns and types of packages you’d like to be displayed while clicking on the column headers will sort columns in ascending or descending order.

NOTE: Depending on the number of columns you have selected, the side scroll arrows can be used to view other package-specific information appearing further to the right.



Each row represents a package (i.e. a unique invoice line). If there are multiple Treez batches associated with a package, adjustments must be made on the batch-level to ensure the counts for each batch are reflected accurately.

NOTE: The ‘Total Counted’ column on the package level will automatically show the total quantity of all the counts entered in the ‘Total Counted’ field(s) on the batch level. Any batches left blank will be counted as 0.



You can export the results on this page by package or by batch. Click the three vertical dots in the upper right-hand corner, and then select your preferred format.



Performing an Inventory Count

Step 1: Navigate to Inventory > Inventory Management > Inventory Adjustment.

NOTE: Before you begin an inventory adjustment, abandon all Saved Sales and Draft Receipts through the POS and make sure the inventory units are returned to their standard storage location.

Step 2: Apply any desired filters, then click on the column headers to sort them for a more focused count.

  • Select Product Type icons to display only product types in those categories.

  • Use the In Stock Packages/Out of Stock Packages toggle to filter by inventory status.

  • Use the Location dropdown to only display inventory in a specific in-store location.

  • If you’re operating on Metrc, there will be a Show Discrepancies toggle. When toggled on, any packages that have a discrepancy between Treez and Metrc will be highlighted.

Step 3: Perform an inventory count by physically counting each unit in the package and/or batch.

Step 4: For packages/batches that require an adjustment, enter the total number of units for each package/batch into the associated 'Total Counted’ field. The number entered in this field must reflect the cumulative number of units you have for this package/batch across available inventory, Saved and Draft Sales, display samples, and any additional units found in less common locations.

NOTE: If you have a large number of adjustment batches for a given package, you may opt to merge them together through the Inventory Control page for easier adjustment tracking.

Step 5: Enter the amount for each batch into the 'Counted QTY' column. Be sure to enter the count in the correct field for the batch you counted. As you enter counts for each batch, you’ll be able to see the total counted quantity for the package update automatically. Tip: Remember to count any display samples or additional units found in less common locations.

Step 6: After all inventory adjustments have been entered, click Review Changes. Tip: If no adjustment is entered for the package/batch, Treez will record this as “Counts Match” in the Inventory Log report.

Step 7: On the Finalize Counts page, review the pending changes and select the appropriate Reason for each adjustment from the dropdown. You can also include additional information about the adjustment by clicking the + in the 'Notes' column. Tip: If you’re Metrc-enabled, some reasons require a note while others don’t. Metrc limits adjustment notes to 200 characters.

  • You can also use the ‘Fill All Reasons’ dropdown and the ‘Fill All Notes’ field, at the top of the screen, if you want to quickly populate the same reason and add the same note to all the adjustments made during the count.

Step 8: When you’re satisfied with the changes, click Submit Count.

  • If you’re Metrc-enabled, count adjustments will immediately be sent to Metrc where the corresponding packages will be adjusted.

You can view a historical log of your inventory adjustments by navigating to Reports > Inventory > Log Report and filtering the 'Activity' column to only include 'Count Adjustment'.


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