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Using Manufacturer Barcodes to Save Time and Overhead Costs
Using Manufacturer Barcodes to Save Time and Overhead Costs
Written by Treez Admin
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Please note: This article is recommended only if the Manufacturer Barcode includes the Package ID from METRC. Not all manufacturers include this, so please encourage your manufacturer(s) to include this as part of their original barcode.

For manufacturer barcodes that include the package ID from METRC, Treez has the ability to bring in products and attach the manufacturer barcode so that you can skip the labeling process altogether.

Treez can also automatically enable FIFO* for those with good batch management SOPs, or Treez can likewise disable FIFO, allowing you to select which package ID to add to a cart if there are more than 1 in a sellable location.

There are two different configuration options that support manufacturer barcode scanning.

Enable FIFO

Navigate to Configuration > Config page > Point of Sale > And click on the POS category > Scroll down to Inventory - When this is toggled on, it will automatically select the oldest batch first in the case there are more than one batch in a sellable location at one time.

Manual Selection

If you choose to keep the toggle OFF, when an item is added to cart in Selltreez it will prompt the user to select a package ID to add to the cart.

FiFO is recommended but requires good batch management to prevent human error (having only one batch sellable at the time, and always moving the oldest batch first) or having a divider in between batches in a sellable location, and budtenders understanding they should always be picking from the oldest batch.

Utilizing the ability in Treez to scan Package ID can cut down on both time and overhead costs dramatically as you no longer have to create labels for all of your products. Whether FIFO is enabled or not, both ways save you from labeling over and over again when bringing in new batches of the same product.

This is also the straightest and most accurate line from the Manufacturer to METRC > Dispensary intake > Customer Sale > Compliance back to METRC. So please encourage the manufacturers you work with the include the Package ID from METRC in their original barcodes.

How This Works

Navigate to Product >Product Management > Search Products > Click on Product > Scan manufacturer barcode (Note: the product layer houses all the details that don't change from batch to batch.)

  • Using the manufacturer barcodes provided on the packaging, scan the barcode so it is assigned to the product you are bringing in.

  • Build your invoice.

Reminder: Do not confuse the inventory barcode in purchasing (Batch Specific and must be unique to that package ID) with a manufacturer barcode (non-batch specific), which is entered in Product management.

  • Take everything live to FOH in a matter of minutes versus hours.

  • Budtenders scan the barcode at the POS and sale proceeds seamlessly.

​ *First in, first out

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