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What to Do in the Event of a Product Recall or Administrative Hold
What to Do in the Event of a Product Recall or Administrative Hold

Learn how to handle products that have been recalled or otherwise put on administrative hold by a state regulatory agency.

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In the event of a product recall or a state regulatory agency otherwise deems a product unsellable (sometimes referred to as Administrative Hold), no matter your state, Treez recommends following these Best Practices:

How Do I Know a Product Has Been Recalled or Placed on Administrative Hold?

Retailers should check with their jurisdictions regulatory agency to find out how they can expect to be informed about recalls or administrative holds. However, in markets where METRC is the Track & Trace Provider, retailers can check the Packages > On Hold tab to locate these packages.

Physically Remove the Recalled Product

Retailers should physically remove the impacted product(s) from their sales floors and relocate them to a secured location within your facility that is designated for products under Administrative Hold. Designating a specific location for such products ensure that retail employees know these products should not be sold or returned to the sales floor until further notice avoiding a situation where the products are inadvertently sold to your customers.

Move the Recalled Product to a Non-Sellable Treez Location

Moving the products to a non-sellable location in Treez ensures that the products cannot be added to a transaction in SellTreez POS. Learn how to create new locations in Location Management by clicking here.

Go to Inventory > Inventory Management

  • Click on Inventory Control Tab

  • Search the package tag

  • Select package(s) to be moved

  • Click the "Move" at the bottom of the screen

Image of Inventory Control with package selected and the Move action highlighted

Move to Quarantine or other designated location

  • The Quarantine location is a default location in SellTreez, however you may choose to create a new location called "Recall", "Administrative Hold", "On Hold" (or something that is relevant to your business and procedures) to help keep these products differentiated from other products in your quarantine location.

  • Add Notes indicating why this is being moved, such as "Moving due to recall".

Image of Move Inventory screen with Select New Location and Notes field highlighted

NOTE: If a recalled product passes re-testing or is otherwise released from hold, the retailer may need to re-label their flower/prerolls, etc. with the new test information including testing facility, tested batch number and tested date in order to sell the product, per your jurisdictions regulatory requirements.

Pending Regulating Authority Orders

Depending upon the Regulating Authority Orders you can

Notify the Customer

Should customer notification be necessary you will need to identify the State Tracking ID associated with the packages.

Navigate to Reports > Sales > Product > Product Log

  • Export the product report making sure the date range includes the initial date you received the batch of products through the current date.

  • Search/filter the export for state tracking ID identified for the affected product(s)

  • If the sale was tied to a customer account, each line item will contain the customer information available at the time of sale such as

    • Customer Name

    • Customer ID

    • Email

    • Phone

    • Address

  • Contact customers as appropriate or required by your regulatory agency. If you are unsure, please contact your states cannabis regularly authority for additional guidance.

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