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SellTreez: Product Configurations
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Switching the ‘Retail Label QR Code’ toggle to ON will result in a QR code printing on your retail label for every product. To preview the label, navigate to Inventory > Inventory Management > Inventory Control, open the item line containing the product in question, and scroll down to the section titled ‘Barcode’. Select a label size and the preview should show.




Collections allow you to group products together and display them to your customers at the start of your Treez eCommerce menu or within the hamburger menu on the left pane of a mobile device. Each collection view can be shared via its URL link and can be assigned a unique icon of your choosing. To enable collections, follow the steps outlined below.


Enabling Product Collections

Step 1: Navigate to SellTreez > Configuration > Config Page > eCommerce > Collection Bar and switch the ‘Show Collection Bar’ toggle to ON.


Create the Collection

Step 2: Create a new Collection by navigating to SellTreez > Configuration > Config Page > Product > Collections

Step 3: Click + Add New Collection and name the Collection (allowed special characters, include ‘:’, ‘/’, ‘-’, ‘$’ and ‘&’). If you are creating multiple collections, you can rearrange them into your desired order by dragging a collection’s hamburger up or down.

NOTE: While the Collection Bar is enabled, at least one collection must be used.


Link Products to a Collection

Step 4: Navigate to SellTreez > Product > Product Management and locate the product(s) you would like to assign to a Collection. Open the product’s card and click eCommerce located in the left pane. In the section titled ‘Collections’, tag the product with the Collection(s) you would like it to appear in on your eCommerce menu.



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