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SellTreez: Processing Orders
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Preparing and processing orders are the main functions of the Fulfillment Dashboard. In addition to orders placed online, any non-eCommerce orders you’ve configured to display here, will.

Navigate to Configurations > Config Page > eCommerce > Saved Sales Fulfillment to enable any additional order types you'd like displayed on the dashboard.

Step 1: To process an order, click on the desired order box to open the order details card, and tap Print Order > Print Receipt.

  • Printing the physical receipt allows you to retrieve the order’s contents without any confusion about what products have been requested by the customer.

Step 2: While the appropriate order window is open, use your barcode scanner to scan the retail labels of each of the items contained or use the (+) sign to manually fulfill each item. After scanning the label, physically place the item(s) in the bag.

  • Once the proper quantity of each item has been filled, the (-/+) buttons will disappear and will be replaced with a 'Fulfilled' notation.


Step 3: After you’ve added all the products to the bag, click Complete Processing to transition the order from ‘In Process’ to ‘Packed & Ready’.

  • The ‘Complete Processing’ button will remain grayed out until all of the order items have either been scanned—so the system recognizes you’re adding the product to the bag—or manually entered using the (+) button.

Step 4: When the entire order has been fulfilled, affix the printed receipt to the outside of the bag and follow internal protocol for storing orders for pick up or delivery.

Step 5: When the customer or delivery person arrives to pick up the order, click on the appropriate order and push it to the next stage using the Complete Transaction or Out for Delivery buttons, or locate the order through the ‘Saved Sales’ view in SellTreez.

  • For pick-up orders: Tapping Complete Transaction will open the order in SellTreez so a sales associate can collect payment.

  • For delivery orders: Tapping Out for Delivery will transition the order into the ‘Out for Delivery’ column, and should occur when the delivery driver physically picks up the order for delivery. From the road, the driver can complete the transaction by opening the order through the ‘Saved Sales’ view in SellTreez.

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